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  • 00:00: and girls today there me weaving I decided at once to all until I have nothing I forgot this is where and what we need to be bezel blank any This gun here Here obodochek & Sons Samos you can
  • 00:32: buy your group and fell to decoupage to do caskets tank falls like beautiful so and so in fishnet design wanted do but nobody marriage can not cope from girlfriends I would like to make bezel idea Now I'm just a girl
  • 01:05: I saw and fell in love obodochek we how to get I will say, I took 989 millimeters closer and samosa Of course the idea of a pancake just super, I just 3 girls SRO weight
  • 01:35: and I saw and immediately the hall thought up look-ka bathes beautiful obodochek What is beautiful delicate and so might its their do together who understand simply reverse Apply the adhesive side around the perimeter and quietly quietly glue and then already at this thing with you can attach
  • 02:05: bow there anything else but that's all that Now I want I'll do anything to show you finished work and you're not doing well, the same with me on the one hand where we
  • 02:43: cut off ladies Glue singeing lighter a little bit to make it everything exactly the way here such a variant braiding rim It will be the ideal 3 September because First easy fast + White version we another girl I
  • 03:15: I fell in love now I do all sorts of beauty so I think that You can also try braid Chanel Well that just oplesti try I certainly see I try to remove following Master Class if you get my the idea of such idea I am delighted with the girls
  • 03:48: I invite you into their group ymca kanzashi a group for beginners where you can buy in bulk sonnets material work and so see now I here so do what you did and It cuts the other lighter side
  • 04:22: all the girls we chic in obodochek he is ready, I am very glad I took YouTube I have appeared More creative ideas and good that I opened wholesale purchase because I and I can help you and and at most there when purchasing new
  • 04:53: new ideas Here are the thoughts see here is do not have to fly around nothing worth cheap cheap and cheerful here even when the client flowers glue which just beauty