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Pie apricot with cottage cheese filling  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today I will cook apricot pie cheese filling to 40 grams of soft butter add 150 grams sugar 1 egg and well salt 200 grams of sifted add half of flour teaspoons baking powder and mix 125 milliliters of buttermilk
  • 00:34: add half teaspoon baking soda and mix personally oil mixture I add a teaspoon citric steel alternately receiving 2 add flour mixture and tank 100 grams of fat
  • 01:15: cheese add 60 grams of sugar and well I add sobyu one teaspoon vanilla sugar one egg 50 milliliters of cream and again all is well sobesh first layer test
  • 01:46: a second layer of cities This dense apricots or peaches sliced on top of the cartridge outer casting preheated to 190 degree oven I put on the form
  • 02:16: average and bake 40 minutes I leave shaped cake 15 minutes juicy and flavorful this cake can be
  • 02:46: bake peaches subscribe to Channel place husky write comments share friends and I I wish you a pleasant appetite