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How to correct, restore a carving without the aid of a lerka  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello connected 5 channels so again today's topic on neck will improve
  • 00:30: or correct thread unconventional way without a way whether the cancer without the help especially any almost diameter diameter 300 millimeters here Now as a show How can I do that what happened to our the case of the nut thread the left side of the left the thread is not disconnected Nut is not clear by the way the people he
  • 01:00: It happens all the time already Tanaeva 10 world of 10 Roses that we fix our pererezayem in everyone I do not know why she here should take a strong liking block bearing loosening patin tightened coils and straight to video Get it now I here right at the most made just a little but clipped the bottom already I can not see the nut I had not been fully day cut monkey's I came to this Now we are able to it will show you
  • 01:31: a tool that we will be working It called Silverton is German company Peter I it to advertise sell well, sending Now we do not advertise but merely They sent us a video how to video sentence Promotional video some as working adaptation Well I do not believe the words we We have made it
  • 02:01: the device itself this is plagiarism we own its Even with well design alterations small size little different We did but now see her abilities the possibility that facilities look here it is a box here it's the facilities facilities By the way there are different of different diameters and most importantly the most important thing you can convey to correct
  • 02:32: thread any food left food inch any metric thread can be here It depends on rollers Now we look gat it's size it goes like Now is certainly not I remember about a year ago It was an offer it is made from 6 to 20 millimeters in my is from 20 to 50 by fifty to one hundred
  • 03:03: but ten millimeters we did here device is did we made from 50 to 120 millimeters 122 where it is coming because the axis is saf Her thread 120 Step 2 millimeters Now here here they are rollers videos look here they clip this one Pulley means like that calibrates here the first one and two roller which is it is in the threads gets and keeps it is offset by
  • 03:33: videos are on the left screw thread metric left thread a step and a half does not matter changing video we changing the pitch or thread what what we need I look forward we look principle but our cutter only streamlined certainly look here so she gets and We begin its fall in thread When we looked
  • 04:07: their video we Of course thread and We do not for a long time We see our videos and sent his I offer once I saw them limitations and lack of advantages mainly the that can be corrected thread can yes to correct any the diameter of their my device up to 300 mm not not not not applying great efforts sense me and rolls and all possible even in any
  • 04:38: location and crawl but they adapt can improve only improve thread if such thread underestimated the floor millimeter final not raise turn from it, you must it is eaten that is eaten then come and chat asked axle shaft rezet stockings is bands just inflate and even filled the meter on the floor of a millimeter whether it is possible to plant her to return it geometry under
  • 05:08: standard nut we I said I do not believe have already He said asked to do this video on We have not received answer then all the same interesting we had we We have made it adaptation literally within two weeks and began to Test Well talk show test natural plant its diameter to the desired even half a millimeter on can not she do not enough effort it must be very
  • 05:38: hard it she device It can only be yes indeed it can improve the turns that's the way tighten We stretched and went and the rotation is such times and I went rotation So we would like twist but she twisted gets out because it left thread that's the way then went back
  • 06:10: back tightens and again e.g. go turning it all Bound reached the end is a but this lack of thread it is already out does not help all already
  • 06:40: on Klepa is more even hardening it in principle It does not clean here this method like it should this round I should like cut all these hardening and absorb but sense knead thread seal but in reality I we not noticed the more so if it's smooth without keyway She also carving It rolls easily but if the majority it is keyed Well, how would the groove
  • 07:10: keyed by a nut stop the wheel just jumping He drops into the Lasik already strays scroll to do it practically although it is impossible to commercials were everything is fine but in some some cases cases still correct thread if you can just thread, if it is not not underestimated bloated
  • 07:40: simply can Here's a fix Here is a method clearly yes more in this case we do incidentally also drew note to another we device just did parallel bit upgraded all the same but It is already in place at threaded rollers are knurled rollers it is possible to raise place under e.g. bearing nose back to us exactly also placed on the
  • 08:10: and a clear yes only once for information nakatka It is only for back bearing here on the way it was not worth the side fix here at nothing to do and can not do it should be all I just do here by way of example show the same is taken knurling and rotation and we have experienced and rear bearing on rolled because he sits tight he removed the front together with the hub but
  • 08:40: not only on the trailer Here I am talking in general for the main axes and the type knurled we raised Up to two dozen if It killed like so 2 half-dozens of the it can be set up to standard size and clear All of this rink is not We will spoil you there is here they are rollers way here they are clips but we We made mainly those that running step 2 half step and step Misha
  • 09:10: or your more We do not need to Basically bye bye this was not the order By the way, we learned how much it device should Here we default adaptation which comes from the 50's it is from 50 to 100 desyatinas we have made up to 120 cost is we device 48000 voiced clear
  • 09:40: so can some the company buys where a lot of cars and who can afford but let it in I mainly speak efficiency from this devices in our case, we have long We are doing that out only five percent of what we It comes only five percent clear look on how will without Teller
  • 10:10: correct thread morning on device here we see the box Model SSR is from warriors my purchased on All warehouses and hammer discover the magic box and look here We see spisochek wills the water in the sauna Altan zil Steer is the basis from it is the same but see how many
  • 10:40: options on one and the It is adapted here We get our magic adapt it is also on vstavochka something to eat was here it is the basis of the rest all adapters All adapters here it is just a purely world on ovsky to adapt the rest still goes modifications here device installed rotates on loosening it goes
  • 11:10: on the left-hand twist thread these devices dignity and disadvantages of facilities defects immediately I will say that every adaptation individually well as the in our case, we shown here that one the basis of one but few heads it is not in every way device can be He gets there by 2 pom February 1 to 3 axis some will fall but here at the pool 5
  • 11:40: probably got or 6 this is probably and Now it is his but the lack of dignity all that rice and easily regulated removable and sharpen adjustment is at least Brush at least micrometer you can display we put on the clock We know from the figures with a game such as video 2 half a dozen here we turned up the numbers we know that the numbers 2 half a dozen This submission tool is
  • 12:10: what else he very tough adaptation Now my rubber hammer We put him straight only the gap is 5 hundredth between the axis and adaptations it going to the trolley hammer place bearings and she very big rigidity I pulled three here this bolts they are just enough pure shear and records fall step and went to re tion and cut thread
  • 12:40: until the even weakness hardening on the trails Of course the problem even Cutter females and Altai Tony does not take finish hardening such hardness and Klepa in and this girl and remove the thin pebble then further cut through the cut thread until not recover geometry and thread All perfect then only done is measured now we shall cut remove the bar trained previously compete nut
  • 13:10: we will cut a thread on to nut with an allowance e.g. half a millimeter and have by adjusting the nut we ideally have all axis our job is done adaptation compared to Silverton price our accommodation But on this one on one axle of 30,000 rubles so there than compare well here do last the last pass passage Rice has been
  • 13:41: He showed how to go on and on loosening really going on I close the twists head because left and here thread in this way deepen until until the thread is not will correct the geometry of all these drums all that was and it took measured the manufactured Guy nut We have a standard here Article nuts lot all legends
  • 14:11: there have especially drivers simply they are not techie and that nut should be heat-treated yet somehow this NUTS frost yes indeed and snake thermoprocessed for example in our KAMAZ 6520 on how they mammoth there are glass in it It can not be impossible to pro drill even These holes nuts novels there is ordinary without knowing star 45 likely is fused
  • 14:42: and direct wireworms I It was then in the thread and fine cut go nuts especially But on those of your bones they go cast iron to a strong cast he he did not cast them thermo processed so that all do not bother the main thing in this thread that it was without backlash Here was a thread sliced displayed are measuring it current i do you need a
  • 15:14: reserve half a millimeter 335 dozen left is and then final cut Scarecrow Scarecrow so I say threaded Turn off and again and just need to block it catching because another way impossible to catch who say that you first need to cut and then make the nut all this bullshit thread You would not catch or and catch it or not go millimeter or it will hang so
  • 15:45: layer this moment Now I go Gadget left-handed thread all any backlash is not should be no slightest Everything gonna be alright Elton axle problem even what it is here this big huge if the bracket of now we are here we brought
  • 16:15: French someone Trailer fall in her for bearings wedged place just killed and now you are all is fused axis It is great machine and process All these under bearings it will be on a volcano it is problematic here this bracket just will not do so here it is carving set this way all now we have his way