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As it is correct to draw in the runner on a lightning. Not everything, even in workshops, know this secret.  See details »

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  • 00:00: zipper became ill work slider so catches that is not only managed beginning to reach it is already immediately diverges but how else Park on the account but smart buttons through but has already started She then diverge there so I will not seen well try
  • 00:30: something to do with by runner means Well the first thing that we always usually do not We forget to do it my usual pursed just We took and preloaded buttoned up state even need maybe a little switch Well, he still Wiggum
  • 01:07: end there side of this is now These here that is the edge lightning through one wait a second to show such take tweezers instead These orders here edges her here these Now they are very much general wear out and edge runner but confronted runner of the countries here These turkey and here the flat part and here It has been pushing
  • 01:37: quite rightly so but pushed on and Here's a portion of the well Now this land lot very sawing Coy saw how that is constantly working some not neper Well, let's have not been in principle, normally running out here, too, thus receive slider and gripping it is necessary to carefully to do to do it Naturally we need to
  • 02:07: two sides the inside also Now it again preload try Godunov He began to move much the same usvoy fabric
  • 02:58: bottom because nothing about it is not re Here we go again repeated The same most certainly also the first time with jacket did not work
  • 03:33: like try Now I Now bend cycle Freestanding 5 is necessarily urging to the side Here's how these I will take a closer look be sure the side here Now here you can because preload These side stenochki they are main main its so narrow the passage in which teeth are lightning that their
  • 04:03: principle and closes with this one size has less that is important as well the main thing here is Of course the size of the heart also do not overdo do not make such a great effort that is, it should be moderately well Now try Now it seems we are not I went around
  • 04:35: that is, it does not forget that the side stenochki yet They are basic in all this really all I so I think it all now on be worn normal calm this can occur even relatively new signs When this jacket in principle all
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