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Super nozzle from halvah for catching of a carp and a crucian. My fishing.  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I want to talk about Super nozzle carp and crucian carp we will prepare remove even black of bread
  • 00:30: That's about as much Cut off the black of bread cut off the crust I learned this recipe from old fisherman for two years somewhere I use about this recipe crumb bread need memory Further, we need here is a piece of about halva
  • 01:01: the club will cut to she became softer sunflower halva Of course, it is desirable better to take slave was without nuts at Sonoma and beyond words and bought himself way with peanuts and then begin to knead the hills with crumb
  • 01:32: when we mash Challah is built soft and then she will flow Taistra to hide it is not such and then then I tell that do good to mash
  • 02:02: hills everywhere in our our softer present in principle, we have It has the same everywhere became mixed up with the head crumb of bread my hands out see We have become fat it of halva this is on the nozzle You can have, in principle,
  • 02:32: fish do do pellets and the hook but The fact that you hands will be permanently fatty sunflower oil which allocates Holo for this we need to take semolina here we take the module and stop so now here
  • 03:02: envelop flat quiche with halva in the semolina and when we
  • 03:37: throw this nozzle will semolina fall away to create dust from semolina and hands you will not such fatty of sunflower oils All our head I am now ready to take make the ball take the hook and
  • 04:08: to sit down like this All our super well nozzle ready it's good we do not caught carp and crucian carp beads sizes can be different in depending on the values ​​hook here such a good head thank you all for review subscribe to my channel bye Huskies put any tail or all scales