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  • 00:00: philologists came to conclusion that all surnames can be divided into 2 groups names of educated from names like Ivan Ivanov and surnames derived from professional nicknames for example blacksmiths smith or for example my surname furs means that apparently my ancestors once engaged in fur-bearing for example, and all such surname kill the wolf it is clear that people engaged in hunting or eg kill a woman than people did not it is clear but there is so interesting
  • 00:30: surname of the Galileans interesting than his ancestors most likely they studied the world was filmed all this on video and showed you by watch TV story by the maid irinas day today is not asked since the morning lodger had fun for glory turned over all room upside down See pillow that
  • 01:01: it happened thoroughly wet as to return pillows previous view now it's easier throw away the truth in In this case the maids cool get it irina decided to shake fluff from the pillow and dry it on the sun but not here it was in unfortunately for maid fluff shattered into all
  • 01:31: sides where now get some fluff for new pillow and where is he from is taken and so real downy pillows are grown on farm yes yes on the farm bred geese swelling of these birds is better is most suitable for pillow manufacturing why yes because u waterfowl
  • 02:01: fluff warmest fuzz manually from each goose several grams to stuff your down small pillow you need 2000 cotton the whole flock of geese carefully collected goose feathers and down sent to
  • 02:32: factory here fluffy raw materials serious test you be surprised specialists inspect almost each pen quality pen should be perfect smooth and not less ten centimeters in long if on feathers will find once the tube means the bird dropped the feather during molting for
  • 03:02: Pillows are exactly not good after examination of feathers pass the test for allergens in this solution it carmene feathers loaded to identify substances harmful to rights if Peru dyed in a dark its orange color immediately Recycle and if the feather will become tender yellow means a sample successfully passed
  • 03:32: tested and suited for a good downy pillows remember when you you sleep all night Padme find themselves under pillow and in the morning she all the same as brand new look this apparatus mimic the usual cushion here feathers first whip and then I crumble to check how much quick fluff
  • 04:02: will restore initial volume hold another experiment squeeze down fist and see how soon he will return to his former the state passed exactly 2 seconds and down and feathers already found previous view Why is this happening the down fibers are from the smallest keratinous scales they are in contact
  • 04:32: between themselves and create closed air layers of this air allows pillows fast restore form but waterfowl the birds will not freeze even in the coldest water bodies By the way, geese do not freeze also because that their feathers contain fat a minute, but what about these fatty feathers put in a pillow quietly all under
  • 05:03: control sperry bags having past and technical inspection go here in this closet for his with feathers carefully wash then dried with temperature of 130 degrees after such procedures on feathers not a drop remains fat but what is further clear feathers and down can already be
  • 05:36: send a pillow is not hurry up in this unusual machine fluff and the feathers are sorted under pressure small feathers fly away the farthest compartment and larger remain in the containers know why sorting secret in that a large feather and down stuff the expensive pillows and small cushions simpler we will weigh
  • 06:06: pillow of fluff from large feathers and small pillow feathers 1 does not weigh more than 400 grams a and the second almost two kg when feathers and feathers sorted and mines fill the covers for future pillows they are sewn from very dense linen or cotton to go down and feathers do not
  • 06:36: slipped through fiber ready now left to wear on pillow is beautiful a pillowcase is this yes you look what we got a surprise I am the pillow Galileo wait a minute but how is our the maid where it is she sneaks it seems irina found
  • 07:13: getting out of the situation before put in a pillowcase instead of fluff thigh it had to be come up with a clue abs