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Advantage of Tomatoes. Ketchup.

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  • 00:00: Let's start today. we will talk about wonderful product is a berry I when it is a raspberry is not present plum is not this tomato since my childhood my mother said that this vegetable this is very common error according to classification of botanical tomato this is the berry before talking about
  • 00:30: tomato seriously and globally I suggest learn can be someone and viewers in studio knows more about tomato than you doctor we start quiz who is ready take part in I ask you to come to us time still your name my name is vladislav and like tomatoes I I love then now I I declare the beginning quizzes your competition with
  • 01:00: our doctor who knows more about we begin the tomato is our intellectual competition our quiz Vladislav vs. sergei agapkina dispute about tomatoes study our expert nutritionist clinic institute of nutrition ram Julia Chekhonina The challenge was given by two one red button other lilac
  • 01:30: the red button is answer yes lilac when like you think opposite well done attention question number one attention to the screen is it true tomatoes detain salt no no say both of our participants question number two of field of history Is it true that the 18th century the tomato was considered poisonous plant and it is not at all
  • 02:00: used for food but where the convergence was funny historical precedent when in the United States one for the cook loser tried tamper with the president Jefferson 37 times do at a salad of tomatoes we are history this went like the most unsuccessful poisoning figuratively my dream the truth whether that tomatoes
  • 02:30: improve the work hearts and here disagreements Julia, I ask you comment on you know the tomatoes contain a large quantity microelements useful for work hearts in particular potassium and antioxidant lycopene which is contained in tomatoes improves state cardiovascular systems Thank you question number 4 here
  • 03:01: tomatoes can not be eaten those who have stones in kidney your answer doctor vladislav think about it and the doctor says why not because tomatoes contain a large number of organic acids in including oxalic acid that does not shown to people
  • 03:31: suffering with his oxalate stones of origin so such people it is better to limit consumption remember tomatoes it is very important do you think that tomatoes are liquefying blood yes really it dates of the tomato contribute to the viscosity reduction
  • 04:01: blood through substance that is in a capsule round a seed tomatoes and this substance in its properties are similar to aspirin thanks great Vladislav did not experience what you are gave the right very few answers it's not scary the main thing is that you are now know a lot more and the tomato is so yes absolutely thanks a lot we
  • 04:33: continue talking about this berry a tomato in a category foul day it Product day heading such an acquaintance and habitual tomato how much is in it useful properties let's figure it out useful properties of it a lot but about this we we'll talk a little later but now I suggest debunk some myths that exist in humans relatively tomatoes and a lot of them a lot of let's me I think that for this
  • 05:05: we should invite volunteers from the studio so who is ready with giant as your name . olga let's try to cook tomatoes to your company the dish is so good choose tomatoes the doctor will not take agribusiness boiling water so monitor required must be scalded to easier to shoot
  • 05:35: skins you always take pictures she is not is digested and just clog up the intestine said doctor or yourself but the experience is those Entrance so we clean often along this secret that in fact a niche do not like sunflower seeds tomato therefore if u are going to actual cook better seeds, remove well
  • 06:05: why do we all understand let the doctor already at last unmask let's you now made two wonderful things for mesh found out a skin with a tomato and removed seeds and now a tomato lost about 40 percent of their useful substances the fact is that exactly Tomato seeds this whose substance surround are
  • 06:35: they are extremely useful improve properties blood making it more liquid without letting her roll it up hinders development of such severe diseases like thrombosis long ago in the people's medicine used special compresses tomatoes with inflammation of the veins tied up cut tomato and he simultaneously reduced inflammation and improved properties blood
  • 07:06: so everything is better still use tomato with bones and when we talk about that tomato skins are not digested one can not always count that this is a bad factor The fact is that not digests the skin nevertheless has very good property of it stimulates peristalsis gastrointestinal tract which is very useful for people who suffer for example constipations but if we are and delete something naturally such
  • 07:36: salad or dish the other will not have healing properties which could bring to the person what concerns composition tomatoes let's look at the screen in ripe tomato contains 94 percent of water to 6 percent of sugars in mainly glucose and fructose and cellulose fat and organic starch acid enzymes mineral salts a small amount of calcium is a lot of iron zinc phosphorus iodine and
  • 08:06: other useful substances in tomatoes the same amount of vitamin c as in oranges greatest concentration vitamin substance surrounding seeds in the same substance high content anti-drama sign elements of la vanille and the daily rate of flama is not giving contained in 150 grams concentrated tomato juice or 6 fresh tomatoes tomatoes do not contain cholesterol and rich fiber and vitamins a and c in addition to
  • 08:36: there are a lot of tomatoes lycopene which is the most strong antioxidant he prevents tumor formation is good prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases lycopene is not produced human organism one of the sources this substance as times and is a tomato vitamin a in a tomato yes it noticed that on in fact in a tomato very few carbohydrates that is, few substances by which people
  • 09:07: abuse in resulting in completely and tomato from high content in water contains all three and a half a gram of carbohydrates per 100 grams is very little therefore grow fat on tomatoes are not it will not be enough it was recently found that the pigment which gives tomato Red color it is called lycopene this substance possesses very healing properties it leads to the fact that
  • 09:37: people are less likely to get sick diseases cardiovascular systems and some studies decreases probability emergence oncological diseases true for this as it turned out necessary Eat at least semikilogram tomatoes a day but it's a lot thank you Doctor thanks to the author that's because we continue to give tomatoes on since doctor you me caught with sunflower seeds I you will answer you do not
  • 10:07: will you tell me about that this is it useful product is ketchup this from her chop I hug this ketchup But it is very harmful for health why first many of this they say well, I have in view of this everyday second he is very sharp and megaphone is annoying decreased too he respects the doctor intestinal wall and stomach thing is that ketchup not always
  • 10:38: is acute certainly there are varieties in which add lots of spices but you have the right to choose one variety in which spice no, the main thing is that contained in ketchup it's that tomatoes salt pepper some additives correctly so if you use ketchup which does not contain numerous food additives which are cooked from natural Tomato paste and after tomato paste make from which with tomatoes
  • 11:08: for sure you eat good for the health tomato I paint the doctor but we are sure that in ketchup is neither sunflower seeds Do not skins over your and someone from there picked out that is, you think ketchup is useful product it is established that the most wonderful lycopene pigment which is contained in tomatoes much better
  • 11:39: digested in case if tomatoes passed a thermal processing therefore often those dishes which are cooked from tomatoes number and ketchup they do give possibility of lycopene are better absorbed and are prevention cardiovascular diseases with another there is another reason dislike ketchup is what is in ketchup unscrupulous manufacturers add a lot
  • 12:09: starch firstly it can reduce amount of tomatoes which are added to ketchup this increases the viscosity is very difficult such a ketchup from a can Extort and if we want to make sure that ketchup is not contains starch and we we can do it easily make we will take a cage but just that variety
  • 12:39: which I like lots of spices very see wow on such ketchup even at room temperature temperature with difficulty extractable went fish and so wanted odessa see some onions are some pieces identical natural and yes , we take this ketchup
  • 13:10: even in appearance it is obvious that he too thick for regular availability on take a little bit iodine aspirin can do even domestic terms of hiring look at the edges of j She begins to turn blue you burns about being in ketchup amount of starch so if you once discovered what ketchup which you use contains a lot of starch you do not wanted him
  • 13:40: use change ketchup take that y which as part of is only tomatoes