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Russian Piping Tip Testing! - CAKE STYLE

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  • 00:00: hey guys today I'm going to be testing out those Russian piping tips that you've been seeing everywhere these make a beautiful little flower all in one little sponge apparently so I'm going to give it a go and see how they turn out I love making flowers I know lots of you love watching all of our buttercream flower tutorials and I thought that this idea was kind of neat and if it works it's an awesome way to be able to create some really cool flowers without much
  • 00:30: parking experience so let's give this a go and see how it turns out so I went ahead and bought a pack of 6 piping tips all together so we have some that create roses tulips and there's lots of variety they're quite large piping tips they're probably like a big 1m or a 2d tip and so I'm not going to need a couple to go with these I've also gone ahead and made up my sweet buttercream recipe in 6 different shades of pinks and purples as per usual I've added all the details for
  • 01:00: every color and the amount as well as a link to the recipe in the description box below I've also gone ahead and made up a really nice shade of green that I made using turquoise and leaf green and I have a 352 piping tip just to make some leaves to go along with these flowers I'm going to be applying these flowers to a 7 inch round cake which I have iced and done in a really nice shade of electric fuchsia purple lastly you're going to need some disposable piping bags and some scissors to cut with so the first thing I want to do is
  • 01:31: just chop off the ends and then insert the piping tips as I said they're quite large so you need to cut a fair bit off perfect so I'm going to start with my dark pink and I have a really nice rosette piping tip on here and I'm just going to start on the edge squeeze pull up and then release come along a bit squeeze and pull up
  • 02:02: so I think it's really about getting it to attach in the first place and then releasing that one's a little bit short that's okay okay now I have a really jagged one and I have some of my fuchsia squeeze and pull up oh wow that one looks so cool it's got all these little bits inside it looks so amazing squeeze and lift wow I didn't think I
  • 02:34: would like that one but I loved it I actually like it when it's a bit shorter to be honest okay light pink well well that didn't work ah that's better okay so I'm finding that these ones that have a center it's really a lot better to have them be shorter and smaller yeah that's much nicer okay now we have
  • 03:06: another gorgeous Rose one Wow I really loved that another rosy one oh that's gorgeous that's one of my favorites lastly I have a really gorgeous one it's like a star in the center it's beautiful try and squeeze one in there I lost a petal that's all
  • 03:36: right squeeze that in I think that's my new favorite it's really really puffy it's gorgeous but I think again it looks really good when it's done small so now I'm going to make a second row and I'm starting to learn which one's look better when they're short okay this one's definitely one of my favorites
  • 04:07: now I'm going to come around and put some low ones at the bottom so I think I'm finding that the key with
  • 04:54: doing these is to keep it nice and small don't try to squish them down but just make sure that they're not taking up too much space you're not pulling them out too far now I'm going to come along with my 352 and just pipe in some little leaves do some on the bottom just every few
  • 05:33: just squeeze and release this looks so beautiful I'm going to chop it off by writing love and there we are it's like From Russia With Love we have a gorgeous Russian parking tip flowers I think that this
  • 06:05: turned out so amazing it was incredibly easy to use them it's a great fast way to come up with a gorgeous flower cake design I do think that the tip for this is probably to pipe quite firmly pull up slowly and make sure that you're not aiming to have them too tall so that's my probably my main tip other than that I think that there are a fabulous idea and they're a great invention and I'm definitely going to be using these again remember to give us a thumbs up if you liked this video subscribe to our Channel and you can see new cakes on
  • 06:36: Tuesdays and Fridays we always have our latest designs in this playlist here and we have a playlist just for buttercream flowers because I love them so much and you guys seem to as well have a great week and I will see you again on Tuesday