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  • 00:00: I want today cook chicken cooked sausage in home that for this I So I need bought chicken fillets here I have 990 grams cream bought but we in the village found Only such cream they 10 interest cream 2 garlic cloves 2 protein and It needs salt 1 teaspoon with slide one tea starch spoon
  • 00:31: will need also to slide and pepper then now I'll go from here that his chicken fillets do minced and start cooking sausages It made mincemeat added a little pepper not fragrant dining room spoon th teaspoon with a hill of salt now I I add here so that's teaspoon with
  • 01:01: slide potato Starch is now here they add their well These two squirrel that's the chicken protein 2 here and here also creamed 10 interest cream here their 190 milliliters that's all I will add here
  • 01:31: I have a sweet chick I put quite little because kids will eat as it were only here for fragrance from and who loves go accustomed eat with such here spices can but invest in their taste everything here I already all all all that I need to put here Now there will be no
  • 02:01: All this is to shake up It was choice now I I'll start to do it and I show them show on camera some to be to because simultaneously
  • 02:31: will for me this is not acceptable to all I now I make smooth and I will show you what it It should result in will look at I now turned so that's sausage weight so she can see it is such a homogeneous air elastic Here is such a sausage eyes I tried shall salt salted before because
  • 03:01: I had to, and that's Now this means mass Sausage me here get 2 sausages like one sausage need to take 300 grams of fillet meat poultry 2 squirrel 200 ml cream teaspoon salt but given the fact that you then still add to taste pepper to taste 1 too
  • 03:31: once garlic and barrels then we get one such decent sausage but since I was almost Now kilogram of I'll fillet poultry It means two sausages but I do not not increased starch no cream did not hit any All proteins like I was it left here and I will got sausage weight and now I will
  • 04:01: shape sausage I prepared a paper baking it will shell for my sausages Now I'm here beef in this his shell like this I make as I there will be two sausages husband even happiness is currently sausages I could even see not ruffled dad
  • 04:32: I can do three Sausages is all I here I put minced I cover shape motivate the by himself in Park and seal Paper narrow but
  • 05:08: This sausage I just lie well in my pot but due to the fact that I narrow paper putting too Yes a lot of stuffing me have little minced removed because now I probably is not He ruffled the glory yet Here is a word I I start here by such movements seal
  • 05:38: his sausage You see for sausage I here I began to plump Now my sausage plump now I
  • 06:08: I will wrap that roll it like this also turn We try the pool beam return Now I will do sweetmeat this candy I tie Muzychka
  • 06:40: good tight knotting and even dispatch Now the colors on the edge you need to move the minced I go a little bit
  • 07:11: Now a little bit spoon push him also as being bad etc. and then here and so will be removed, and so here to promote it thus I have it here so here are plump sausage and do everything my thick sausage look what has become
  • 07:41: Now the word I'm here I do candy, and that's will also thread candy their tie to she untied that's so tight tight Now I have turned
  • 08:24: loaf of my sausage yes and now I have it too Here they form here as the sausage as the above bandages kolbasochki to much It was just so similar on this and sausage here and so I did another bandage is probably still
  • 09:05: once bandage will be enough thread use I have now I I watch thread strings feature I rather weak caught like this It turned out at me here
  • 09:38: such a loaf sausages I'm there minced make sure layer and so on sausage its mass water I already supplied gas so I have it It was heated and boiled and boiling water will poison to lay down their sausages But that is not all Here I have cut off Now I will do everything
  • 10:13: the remaining sausages show what we we do more here so that's pretty loaf of boiled sausages bird house clean without environmentally any harmful dye additives we you do now my three loaf cooked sausages ready now the last and so to do before heading it and cook, I cooked
  • 10:43: 300 love on 2 package is go 1 loaf magic sausage I hour which lay down the loaves package and package Now releasing the air tightly-tightly Do these packages need to be It can be possible without dirtying demand and so the same package, and they fasten it to so that when cooked Sausage is Vodicka there did not get back in
  • 11:15: one package and the words, air from you there tightly-tightly and again I'm so-so tying package plump as co2 I package and here latest service I make the most of thick
  • 11:47: It is a challenge like this and I will do the other two salts button for three packages 1 loaf my three button packed and now I
  • 12:18: they shall lay down in boiling water brewed I had the sausage will exactly one hour to pinpoint during a half-hour boil one side then I it turned on the other side and that also another half hour good side boil and so to submit their Kolbasov boiling water My sausage woo too boiling water and now I put ourselves most small fire that can be I cover it with a lid all
  • 12:49: and half cooked one side then overturn Half an hour will stew other party took half an hour I will move their sausage and here I have it again boiled mean a very important time water should a little like here boils slightly if at cover it Bulka then it is better to be remove the lid and let it is like this h brewed if you there are quite comfortable small and flames a little under the hood
  • 13:19: she stuck so here yes like boilers picnic time and temperature enough water for to cook your sausage but only in any case to no water gurgled you So I took off today cover and I have it It will be here in this able to have cook a little longer for half an hour An hour passed, I got Now their loaves sausage I choose a package and here I put on dostochku
  • 13:50: a dose of bad wheelbarrow I put a cap for to what has Vodicka's a bed napkin she will Court drain in this my condition sausage prolezhit hour stamp for external cooling An hour passed my sausages are cool so I they'll be right there put in Refrigerate for two Vodicka hours with them glass here is such a boiled chicken loaf sausages at me now I'll put them in
  • 14:22: refrigerator and through Two hours later two or three hours got cut the and show you passed 3 Here are my hours sausages lay in refrigerator three o'clock I we then become they will be stored Here it is in this paper shell term storage their fridge 5 days 5 days, they have not about only by force today Tomorrow
  • 14:52: Sausages will not behold I want now and cut a piece show what a sausage I happened here is my sausage sectional I cut it here you to look what it's dense sausage uniform weight should smell funky so I I present a closer look see what it I was so plump pretty Air to masochka and very very tasty I I wish you all again
  • 15:28: appetite I come my baby garden voplotniki Now it will be a is a man how are you in the garden where there is still Beauty is run
  • 16:06: running my beautiful Strength in the garden we have not fed and finger I decided the weather though Handsome business as a case my case yes yes not only picks a baby in a bean see what you beautiful and beautiful girl transportation of words
  • 16:37: It would not have a godmother black
  • 17:09: the driver drove on the evening was in place Registered to Damir and Yu Yu Yu Yu and kids came to kindergarten and here Eat sausage which I made today delicious sausage tasty boiled chicken sausage
  • 17:43: sausage and not only It called home cooking only It called to give eat no You paint dyes natural you
  • 18:14: Of course the woman takes off how you eat Eat well done enjoy all appetite May I'll shoot you my girl waving our stars