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Simple but effective alarm system, the hands  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello I want to show signaling their hands well, the simplest for example, you can put your that is, for this is that we need a starter time of any size edge and how it properly called konechnik switch you can toggle put in his place and some call here means that the
  • 00:32: starter is put in garage konechnik is placed on the door at the door is closed pressed on the pin of and holds the so-door Now when you open the doors konechnik departs means that the call Now you can put howler in the street on the day which in crusher
  • 01:02: if there is one open the door that is he shall roar, and merely or you can scare hold the wire in the house and put the bell Usually there is even before still home 2 night that is, he told me the door open nothing I hear your house You hear the call and Spa fee personally you know that's where it is everything is to give birth
  • 01:33: only put or switch or switch where on a secret street place I show how it will be undressed you turn into a power outlet you can bring the wire directly directly as close the door shut the door and even that which
  • 02:03: starters need it there when the door open work security door It will close and he will still be to signal the Then there are mini PUSH close if he grass still pain indicates that there We are trying to shut the door the secret place included offers door with all went to turn off
  • 02:39: simple yet easily complex well, then who electricity and displays it elementary himself Details simple the principle of work and who does not take off I think I'm there I lay pictures follow each transactions where follower will Human Resources show what is what
  • 03:09: that is the only wire there may on length of Yusup to yes and at the door under the and wire line well dresser and put Day 3 that is again shows that there shut the door They included gone to bed that is, the door opens all