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  • 00:00: hello hello friends today we are with you we will do something just unrealistic and we we will do here such a voluminous postcard in a box which has a lot some layers and it very neat and if you want to know how can this postcard then look because this video is on and I'm sure that you do something else more steep and interesting after that how do you see it video is the first of stages we will create the construction a it is the sides of the eyelids
  • 00:30: so called we need for this two sheets I took the paper the color of all postcards so that it does not The eye was thrown if look at an angle and look inside Generally we need two sheet size 11 centimeters to 15 centimeters we will add special way for this to us you need to walk apply fold lines I will indicate all the dimensions in video description need to press a button deploy there will be all sizes are written
  • 01:00: here's the first line folding centimeter then another centimeter then one and half centimeter one and half centimeter centimeter and a half centimeter and a half centimeter centimeter centimeter leaflets with in a special way this is how it should be bent
  • 01:30: these sheets so that we It turned out now I will now show you glue these parties so that we are these bullets like the petals are these here things were like glue the petals the date of the petals, and I to you Once again I will show that
  • 02:14: should be should get here such a construction exactly the same quite like the first one was 2 the construction has become stages are pages for our postcard I have prepared 4 page size of 15 by 15 centimeters as create a similar a page like you see the last the page just goes
  • 02:44: 15 to 15 on them can cause any sent a wish or image from me this is the page so there are bright others page as you can see with cut circles circles are all different diameter circles are cut way that everyone slightly more previous or less depending on what parties to see how to make such circles you cut out sheet of paper 15 to 15 centimeters but also or other size
  • 03:14: but we are preparing 1515 then determine the center of this leaf simply by substituting ruler from angle to corner everything is elementary Business Wire diagonal in is postcards pictures then just a compass or some other subjects we draw a circle and look it suits him us or not suitable if we like it then the previous circles we simply either increase by centimeter is not for reduce the centimeter as we are more I like it
  • 03:44: about fire difference between circles about centimeter Komi we we take our harvested petals our only the whole page we glue on petal roots and the petal is glued to the page stick better than something strong eg double-sided scotch tape that is, we paste the very the first exploding part glue to the edge postcard from the edge 1
  • 04:16: leaflet of our postcards paste stepless speed stack now the same thing do with another hand pasted the next is the same The most interesting because we will decorate our pages so that they looked good better of course
  • 04:46: fold them one on one to see where what scenery is not enough you can attach them to our ready-made blanks finished goods put them one on one as they will be in the future and see exactly where and what do you want add so you can see and decide that even here at you can add
  • 05:16: add a tracing paper add some all elements are the postcard will stand You can not do circles You can make squares in general it is possible to do this is the bulging part you can do nothing at all do not do it here just how do you want so do you variants of tunnel there are a lot of postcards There's me today will be not so massive decoration friends just now there was a blatant case and I do not recorded part exactly how collect postcard for it will be shown separately on these
  • 05:47: drafts to Unfortunately in general here and understand it turned out us here these here whose sides we We did just that here he at us have turned out Now we have a book need to stick eyelashes first sheet this is the one without a hole which itself main sheet we have we glued to it the first part of our while the spoons are three clary now koreal sheet which are not labeled number two it will already be the smallest hole that we
  • 06:17: we will paste it here behold petals that's this Here's to the very first they will glue the second leaf on the petals then there are petals should be behind so that they do not I could see the glue apply to petals first glued with one side then also apply glue on top of the petal and stick the sheet on
  • 06:49: him like this way and that we we get this construction that is a little ugly because it is char beginners and also continue to glue the next sheet on here this petal but here These two petals and you glue the top these are these petals the most the last coals im 4 to lead you the same
  • 07:19: glue from above this way glued on top of petal exactly glue all necessarily exactly check is not going anywhere hurry so that u you were all exactly that the postcard does not walked around not vypiralo take on when you glue together these are the towers glue together very well and smoothly everything check please that all of you should be neat and not blotted out Overall like this this postcard go to the next stage
  • 07:49: now for our postcards we need to create a box in which this postcard will be lie to create this box to him need to cut a piece of cardboard I'm still straight such a dense cardboard to keep it in shape 22 centimeters to 22 centimeter but be attentive height of our postcard about three seconds half a centimeter but depending on how did the glue come out smoothly or unevenly it is necessary
  • 08:19: to believe the entire line and calculate by yourself just its size cut boxes about 22 seconds half for 22 s half centimeter square and then from each edge measure three seconds half a centimeter let's say I measured three half a centimeter now I have bent them I'll stroke the postcard we will close, as it were, box and look I will note here where to me need about STI next line the bend I mark here if we measure
  • 08:49: centimeter then here most likely less than three seconds half here somewhere 3 and 4 centimeters that is millimeter go exactly on interior boxes to postcard is good in it was placed so that in general measure separate we bend from all sides to three and a half centimeter neatly once again apply postcard so she well sat and comfortable with yourself
  • 09:19: felt our future boxes and now on intersection of the two fold lines we do cuts into one aside yes got this figure and the same thing do with another hand once we have a postcard such a mobile and nowhere is it very much what
  • 09:49: I'll stick it to sides of the box to make it good kept for a start, I'll stick the bottom of the postcard to the bottom boxes must be glued sides and sides the box is the most will be difficult glue the second
  • 10:30: side now for convenience slice these petals so that they do not bulged at us like this obliquely and we glue the remaining parties postcards applying glue on these petals We need to do more
  • 11:02: one box It's smaller in size boogie somewhere 19 to 19 centimeters and field at there will be two centimeter do and with the expectation that she dresses from above our main capsules will be like would be a lid and we do the same principle also we are checked and all we collect his and I glued together and glued the lid for our box with postcard she stuck it on it
  • 11:32: decorative piece and cut out the diameter circle circle diameter a little bit more than I had on my first subject sheet the most when I close the box at I get it neat postcard is nowhere does not stick out and it is perfectly visible all in you can you can put it she always puts will be fine look like this We have a postcard today it turned out I hope that you I liked I 'm looking forward to your comments and your options for this postcard in Google
  • 12:02: the Internet is very many interesting ideas any pictures Now you know scheme as this is A postcard for you is not will be labor and do give me know if you liked this video thanks for your views all bye bye