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  • 00:00: for the world's first center christianity idea unique historico cultural project president Vladimir Putin discussed with former Italian premier sylvio Berlusconi during the visits to Chersonesos founded by the Greeks in fifth century before our era the whole Crimea made an Italian guest deep impression as a panther nature the myth is on the verge the Ukrainian land beautiful but me a big impression and nature and people and chickens who climb hundreds meters as much as the spirit
  • 00:30: captures everything this is also a watch I like the idea create here historical and cultural I see what else a lot of work ahead and if the president Putin will consider necessary I'm ready send to help Italian architects to they attached it place that significance which she deserves if given chersonese vadimir
  • 01:09: Putin answered issues of journalists they concerned many including situation on south-east of Ukraine tom that yes about tilt take apart find her face and text Donbass but unfortunately such I can not learn I decide which concerns both russia and people who donbass live concerning the Minsk agreements that
  • 01:39: no alternative another repentance example find territory for my there is no look and the most the main thing that you need do it right install a straight contact between the Odessa authorities Donetsk and Luhansk republics in order to realize and there I will remind you directly and for local circuit selection
  • 02:10: should be adopted as agreed with donbass such insurance is not conducts this key the problem of Vladimir Putin stated that Ukraine should be the amnesty of participants militia in the east a self-proclaimed republics a special status meanwhile in Kiev talked about new timing of implementation Minsk arrangements in principle, you can think how transfer to better strive to what have we achieved because in Minsk
  • 02:40: strive to that everything should be filled with blood legs are grateful of course probably today the main thing is shelling stopped from armed forces and so called voluntary battalions of ukraine under blows is applied today thought that this is today the most the main thing is that the day before in Yalta representatives the Italian community told president about the fact that decree of rehabilitation
  • 03:10: nothing is said about their ancestors deported from Crimea in 1944 together with Crimean Tatars in Greeks of Armenians the Germans Bulgarians I promised that we are such a huge sa de paris to request a and I want to inform him our friend that today in the morning I'm already the informant signed killing her changes in this decree where said rehabilitation descendants of the Italians in
  • 03:41: Crimea today is not hid with joy just vladimir Putin signed decree this day really changed the history of our community for us was it is very important to recognize sands from deportation with moral points of view fund repositories
  • 04:11: Putin and Berlusconi exhibits found during joint Russian Italian excavations in the multinational the real Crimea east can be seen bakhchisaray vladimir Putin together sylvio Berlusconi today visited the khan the palace in 1787 is here stopped Catherine the Great it was literally The decoration is not less sofa room where he met state Crimean Council khanate with access to a fountain of tears in aspect of alexander Pushkin as they say tour guides russian the poet left two roses
  • 04:41: red white cut off the park in front of harem body sylvio Berlusconi told that before the main gate of the palace decorated carved portal authorship Italian architect he survived to our days but a foreign guest seems more surprised Khan mosque and mulberry tree whose age is different estimates is from 300 to 500 years of Berlusconi stopped at a small photo shoot
  • 05:11: inhabitants of Bakhchisaray expected the Russian next to presidential tuple of the palace of steel come together newlyweds in the legendary palace Crimean Tatar weddings are played and