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  • 00:00: hello everyone with you cupcake and today I am very quickly want tell how do this bulk chocolate flower of this flower perfectly enough to to decorate one cake that was not strongly 0 pista that is very cool the recipient himself business in general is done everything is very simple me here silicone parchment you can use and if u you have such a thing if there is no file there or some dense daddy like to have
  • 00:30: us our flower was glossy shiny that is, you need something Gladenkaya on the usual parchment a little bit rustling wreaths but also will be lack of anything use it I'm just doing now bending and those that I need to petals that is 1 I took the machine and now me from repairs there is still a pipe for water she seems to have a bend slightly less respectively leaves will be smaller that is, on a rolling pin I will have leaves the largest size is smaller and least of all I will
  • 01:01: do for your flower three kinds petals that is to have it from me was like present you need chocolate well, actually a pony pony I'm using here such a method very interesting for me here confectionery bag can I frozen chocolate with my previous one there times for such matters I always use it is the bag and immediately into I fall asleep with chocolate your chocolate is this I no longer require tempering if you need separately tempered chocolate
  • 01:31: please do this is necessarily something there is so do not because it does not get that effect what you need here but the mouse as java so I put drown in microwave simply here I have it already I entertain him periodically I take out and I stir that that he did not overflow with one side here Get out and go again. put another 15 seconds is very convenient package I feel still there small lumps and Here's a clamp tip knead just inside to there were not any lumps are all very
  • 02:01: fast and there is no extra dishes very much I love this method and at me such from white chocolate lies very conveniently melt slightly and if some figures on Cake Cling Chip Chip all very quickly sometimes it does not on microwave ovens I clip with a clip tip and hot water in a cup I lower or just on top pinch a cup this tip to water was not collected just hot water and then everything is fine own you see all by yourself and here especially tell like that
  • 02:31: nothing is simple by hand I'm doing pretty large lobes so that I were obtained they are voluminous such are the three inside generally i need five petals I'm just I know that I'll never be take pictures of me something is necessarily it will break so I you always do one two spare petal well on let everyone do better I will watch them back I turned around to total chocolate I will melt then next time absolutely without problems I've already done you see three different
  • 03:02: five petals here that is, some were less and more slightly smaller and now I have them neatly simple I'll try to shoot from his parchment we will hook them up here and so brilliant bottom like I am now I turn over and we will go already one broke like me and I said I know myself you see if now pay attention they are already there inside overflow that is they are already beautiful they are literally
  • 03:33: differ from each other friends size I do not I know centimeter somewhere actually, everything very quickly at the very I have chocolate at my place stiffened now at the street is cool and the ground floor, I actually I also do not have hot plus open a window of fresh air so croaked literally 15 minutes and I It is all I took off here you see the center poured a drop of chocolate and their lower petals that have I'm succumbed to that becomes straight
  • 04:03: even then they are not must be supported from below by but those that I have begin to bag a little bit recline which do not stick to chocolate or I do not like they are they is somehow or under go to me delayed the delay napkins which I I will put then her petals that they I had a beautiful Forms you see now I'm putting so that they stand since it is not necessary and chocolate seal the seams between themselves petals that they are looking for a friend
  • 04:33: the friend kept there was Tel'nov when among the she to me anywhere not broke none petals of Nepal and again poured from above such a puddle work very quickly because that chocolate freezes so you do not have to lot on his cap back that's why you need work pretty quickly changed the wrong one would see me there on content or I changed the petals its just and like this here I put and I insert a petal put I put up a paper petals and petals exhibit I'm in between
  • 05:03: themes and petals so our flower will seem much more so alternate as staggered type and also neatly long hands Do not keep the petals because it they melt chocolate quick quickly we all we insert that is on actually here already no matter how complex should we be just stick and petals that We need to stick and glue staggered order can of course be
  • 05:33: make absolutely huge lobe and do not make three layers more well inadequate and 3 nights very cumbersome Our floret you can do so from the whole petals there is completely pour chocolate or let us make one striped white a2 black , that is absolutely to your taste you can make one striped black inside make white broad please click here may be the flowers are bright and you can be beautiful do at all special leaves which with
  • 06:03: pictures is on which chocolate and poured and because from the picture I'm carrying here still poured a puddle and I I want a few beads and in the center fasten just for me how beautiful among nko was at my a flower of chocolate and I have left wait literally minutes 15 can there until 15 minutes I'll wait to make me feel good inside seized I froze chocolate could without harm and mine move the flower to cake, that is, points
  • 06:33: I'm ready now the flower itself my already cooled not now you need to get it carefully our paper and it made you a scissor can use or tweezers if you need comfortably with tweezers and I do not climb there with a finger because always me to receive because something that offend her these Thin things so do not feel like do not use anything neatly scissors pinched songs mono now all this is possible
  • 07:03: to attach already to cake points me here inside red velvet can look at the recipe for video with cottage cheese cream and blackberry confiture on the sides he is covered with me with usual whipped cream natural top chocolate for sage for cake like me already showed her video or go by reference if you have it from above we are a cake to someone liked this video
  • 07:33: put your fingers go up subscribe on my new group VKontakte will be glad your subscription your feedback if suddenly that it is not clear any questions or I something is missing contact all I'll tell you what I can do with you had a cupcake so far till