Knitting by a hook of the Irish lace Lesson 306 Howto Crochet Irich lace leafe  See details »



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  • 00:00: Dear something about yourself and all other audiences let's get together will study cause provyazyvaem chain
  • 00:30: from under Media stitches and then skip 11 loops at the beginning of Chains 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 and in the twelfth loop provyazyvaem coupling loop then provyazyvaem
  • 01:05: one air loop flip and Further knit columns without sc in each loop air chain missing the first loop and Further provyazyvaem 1 bar in each loop and so knit
  • 01:35: to the end of the series and here such zavitochek We now obtain overturn
  • 02:05: work will knit the other side miss one eyelet their wake more knit coupling loop etc. provyazyvaem 3 aerial loops and miss one loop
  • 02:36: at the base of the following loop knit column sc without repeat again knit 3 aerial loops and missing one loop the following loop knit column, without sc Further knit 3
  • 03:07: air hinges sc to do hook and missed one loop of the following provyazyvaem post with one further nakida knitting is repeated Again knit 3 aerial loops and column one
  • 03:38: sc missing one loop knit as follows I knit all 10 columns with one sc, and then most last provyazyvaem column sc without skipping
  • 04:09: one loop and the following loop knit column, without sc again provyazyvaem three aerial loops and knit coupling loop here's the latest Now loop overturn our
  • 04:43: leaf to another side and will Knit the next row a chain of stitches provyazyvaem column without sc and then knit with 3 column one sc 1
  • 05:17: 2 Kitri and again to the same provyazyvaem column sc without further knitting is repeated
  • 05:48: now under the following air chain knit a column without sc followed by three column one sc 1 2
  • 06:26: three and one column without sc and so provyazyvaem this number to the end here is a list with flower I
  • 06:56: turned it can be used to Irish lace or in flower compositions with you Irina was subscribe to new lessons