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  • 00:00: Hello dear viewers on the Internet gaining popularity topic creation of a terrarium glass flask from incandescent light bulbs she too interested because we offer you our option its creation judging by the video from the network
  • 00:41: for such works used pets because we are under this day was nothing to do I decided apply it also so how are we fans fantasy and fantasy that our isolated The planet was decided take the form of on jerk beat such a terrarium look good as at home on windowsill and office desk it will raise mood in the long winter months when outside the window is cold and
  • 01:11: the doctor is the bit the world who we are the creator will stay forever green and will pleasing the eye for so that our terrarium style seen enough of desktop and not angered We do not steel used for its foundation a hefty cameo glued a blank cup lamp bulb case with commemorative coins which has enough area supports symbolically on our small world will be rely on money you can also select any item hot-melt
  • 01:42: and the thermo gun itself we did not have but after repairs remained silicone glue which we with success fixed the lamp on the basis of drying silicone hardened and became colorless topaz very suitable for the rest materials I went to the forest alone my way lay through a picturesque balloon it was not worth it forgetting to enjoy by nature I started search for suitable
  • 02:12: plants and material to fill our terrarium hadith was quite different its types settled on the stumps under the bushes on trees and pits overgrown with greenery one run to well came up for the lawn hobbits and another for of bushes under its window also me interested decide their colors It proved too a variety of their ip I found
  • 02:43: lichen orange bright green and lime flowers I collected different kinds of harkis ground small pebbles grabbed oak branch for manufacturing of burrows hobbits on a branch was very cute lichen which we use for the manufacture of flower beds near fairy-tale house already before care of our eyes bee got caught congealed on a flower hairy tooth that
  • 03:13: chewing something picked up these impressions with I managed it myself complete a terrarium home to save space mountain wall decoration we completely a bit comical and sand land added a little more oak has dense wood she OK processed and last longer while house of the hobbit and he does not will turn into nutritional form We did the graphics round hole for doors and holes smaller for window explore the same
  • 03:44: oak branch and we made the door painted and green colors when the paint dried out glued door to door cut off the house by the size of the bulb made it rectangular to he did not skate and opti soloist already and so that he went through the hole the window was sealed with all that same silicone wall painted in brown color as known hobbits it's a little folk middle earth 1 lives in burrows arranged inside the hills we they spread the earth
  • 04:15: inside the lamp is not forgot to leave berm installed a house planted bushes club but that the house was similar to the foot covered its roof special form x adding small pebbles for decoration watered vegetation on roof empty lawn in front of the house with the help of silicone and glass we make hat from the ashes sealed and we seal our terrarium forever in the result turned out to be so Littel piece in the middle of the earth
  • 04:45: who can please us round year if take a closer look you can see the window shrubs and hidden on the lawn in front of exactly club now imagine like bilbo begggins go out of your hole and sent to journey through the earth in the middle but if you liked our version of the eternal terrarium subscribe to channel put like and then we'll do another more beautiful myth fantasy style more light bulbs