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ETERNAL TERRARIUM - [3 MONTHS LATER] - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello friends passed several months already from the day of our terraries let's let's see what happened for it time and whether they are alive generally as you remember we had two sealed terrarium in light bulbs they are still alive and well behaved feel See here this weed she let out big roots from strongly grew by filling a terrarium in another light bulb
  • 00:30: expanded other plant species created inside impassable jungle go to the big terrarium where two months ago we settled the colony ants although many viewers predicted death ants on two weeks they are still continue to live his new home and of all appearances multiply for maintaining the life accounts for feed them honey syrup is very funny to watch when it finds 1 ant a little bit
  • 01:00: eats somewhere goes and returns with friends through A couple of minutes wanting to have dinner becomes even more and after a meal they somehow throw bowl of earth is not refuses the murash and from meat neatly divides it into pieces and carry home sometimes to ants go to visit other insects here they are drunk fly home so she
  • 01:30: slept well but here they invite ladybug look at their underground labyrinths vegetation terrarium was not standing in place look how this bush looked like in the beginning and how he looks now could also be seen grew up and now ants even more fun but at the same time for they have a new the threat is frenzied winged ant which appeared
  • 02:00: out of nowhere attacked inhabitants terrarium and do with them something incomprehensible write in the comments what do you think about this and we we will continue watch for terrarium me and keep you posted what is happening