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PATTERN SCALE! KNITTING by SPOKES! Knitting for nachinayushchikh.knitting  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: hello today we will contact pattern scales Dakota pretty cute looks so I get down on spokes scored hinges 32 further knit one rented 1 an edge the first series we are all about retirement purl loops and loop number 1 to seamy
  • 00:34: so we dovyazali first row purl loop on the second number we provyazyvaem alternately have First shoot do
  • 01:09: sc sc front sc front face and so the entire second row sc face such the king so we ended up second row last we have the edge on
  • 01:41: third row knit thus the pen remove provyazyvaem front nakida we simply dropping front and sc I throw off the front nakida just reset loop is not provyazyvaem
  • 02:12: front nakida relieving facial throws two blitz reset heels shell so we cut our some front row
  • 02:42: resettable edge we We received such here elongated loop on the fourth row we were binding on shooting and an edge provyazyvaem 7 loops together backstitches Grimes pizza two times Three six 4 May 7 seized
  • 03:13: knit wrong loop syn loops together the underside of the further one loop vyvyazyvayut all one two three April 5 six 7 brushes 7 loops
  • 03:47: again with 47 provyazyvaem together wrong again of 1 7 times in the 467 and 5-7 together
  • 04:17: together all wrong then again for July 1 again provyazyvaem 7 loops
  • 04:48: together purl and room and at last us wrong so that we made it on the fifth row we all loops purl pro and beckoning full range of our
  • 05:21: purl loop dovyazali called fifth row purl hinges on overturn sixth row we were binding
  • 05:51: as well as 2 ie rather face sc sc front sc front face sc sc front front until the end a number sc front sc front we dovyazali
  • 06:29: sixth row sc face further series of 7 we were binding as knitted third that is, we provyazyvaem front sc reset front nakida reset front they shed their facial sc reset front nakida
  • 07:02: reset, and so we dovyazali 7 series front sc reset an edge so on 8 years, rented an edge vyvyazyvayut of 1 7 2 3 4 5 6 7 more than 7 loops
  • 07:34: purl together sim provyazyvaem with 7 loops geyskoy 1 again, the underside of the d & g 7
  • 08:05: together our of July 1 7
  • 08:37: so Now we get
  • 09:08: some students draw repeat from 1 to 8 years Thank you for attention bye