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Need of relaxation therapy at a hypertensive illness is dictated by the fact that the condition of a relaxation is followed by decrease in the AD, ChSS level, breath frequency, reduction of consumption of oxygen, electric activity of muscles, development of physiological reactions, opposite subjects which arise at a stress. And medical influence for decrease in level of arterial pressure and we will provide training in control over the pressure in several directions.  See details »

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  • 00:00: than they are friends before give you techniques effective at the state of stress and capacity control their opi real pressure reduce his I want to wish say a few words about the reasons Stress and hypertension and pathological mechanisms that included in these diseases to substantiate We offer you technique and so let's start with
  • 00:30: stress that is unless is one of the main causes of hypertension our thoughts and emotions closely associated with physical reactions and therefore This fact is key to understanding of stress why there Stress usually it is very difficult distinguish between work and privacy even because organization working process means using through smartphones Gadgets information continuous attacks
  • 01:00: our senses often working letters and notices It appears in smartphone even when the working day is over and you finally ready rest essentially modern computerization of the entire our lives leads us to give maximum time leaving work critical minimum for myself and this is a direct way to express and emotional burnout our reaction to stressful situations are natural and necessary for
  • 01:30: Survival Bay Run or do nothing our brain chooses any of these scenarios for to restore but this balance characteristic of the short situational stress long-term stress difficult test its difficult control it is only the brain adjusts psychological reaction itself releasing hormone at the time when frontal cortex captures stress state we have unique capacity
  • 02:00: mentally travel to past to remember what was on the basis of this knowledge imagine the future it certainly great but it also means that we spend very a lot of time reflecting on negative then himself mood and start worry about that has not happened yet people often do not speak I wind the self is just that happening in the end is broken process management cortisol in organism This leads to
  • 02:30: reducing fatigue immunity changes in the structure brain is including those who responsible for training and memory emotions so ability Zaslaul ca and resist is stress exigency for our survival now briefly let's talk about hypertension which closely associated with especially stress long doctors usually levi's understand the the reasons that caused you hypertension and therefore just diagnosed
  • 03:01: Essential hypertension in Translated into our everyday language means that the reason hypertension is not set all busy all of your doctor other important for his deeds so the treatment of many cases is ineffective I call briefly just some causes of hypertension to clarify the situation The first is the excessive use table salt excess chloride intake Sodium that is, salt may contribute
  • 03:31: increase blood pressure and pay attention is not at all a only in some way norm as salts for man is index individual salt cause delay fluid in the body and complicates the work of kidney and heart another reason obesity and diabetes diabetes diabetes and excess body weight are great risk factors hypertension often obesity and hypertension It occurs in patients at the same time because what causes them and one
  • 04:01: the same reason as called metabolic syndrome another reason is bad habits smoking and use Alcohol will not be on stop there it is so clear to everyone Magnesium deficiency in the body in the past years more and more doctors make sure Magnesium deficiency in body one most common causes developing hypertension and disease heart and kidneys and finally high level
  • 04:32: psychological stress development hypotonic disease provoked chronic psycho-emotional stress that In many cases associated with neurotic over control suppression negative emotions fear of hostility inadequate level claims no sense of security inability to relax and here remember this friend since the state relaxation physiologically excludes aforementioned neurotic manifestations necessity
  • 05:03: relaxation therapy for hypertension disease dictated by the fact that state of relaxation accompanied reduction in the level of blood pressure frequency heart rate respiratory rate decrease consumption oxygen electrical muscle activity development of physiological reactions opposite the that arise when stress and medical exposure to lowering blood Pressure and training control over their pressure we will carry on
  • 05:33: more direction of the first It is easiest nevertheless not significant for its low effectiveness and is relaxing and soothing sound effect nature and it is not civilization so let's start following
  • 09:45: offered it wildly in the complex without medication treatment of chronic Stress and hypertension is meditation meditation is practice focus attention to achievements calm and clear lives awareness eastern philosophy recognized advantage meditation for thousands of years meditation ago wide extended to west, where believe it favorable impact on the human health Why use meditation people using meditation to treat a
  • 10:16: a number of mental and mental problems national report Institutes of health recommend meditation as one of the treatment with initial step disease hypertension most common are two techniques specific meditation and abstract specific meditation this once and dental meditation It focuses on one sound or image mantra that is the word is pronounced or sung in specific manner or his
  • 10:46: proper breathing abstract meditation is not It focuses on one subject sooner you aware of all the thoughts and feeling and sound image that It appears in your consciousness meditation usually provides slow and rhythmic breathing and sitting the quiescent state for fifteen twenty minutes I want to offer you simple and effective meditation technique which combines Me and meditation respiratory exercise when
  • 11:16: stress comes sympathetic higher nervous system throws adrenaline and other hormones into the body to prepare it to act as a rule parasympathetic higher nervous end system bill takes over and It calms the body you can help parasympathetic higher nervous system to start the practicing meditation and breathing exercises so we will combine meditation and breathing in one doing exercise the following action convenient to sit down and
  • 11:46: close your eyes start slowly and measured breathing pay attention to then where in your body originates breathing over time allow the body to breathe fully independently at the same time focus on the breath pay attention to what parts of the body moves your breath on your hands and feet to the crown and if you start think about something else short of breath, return his attention again on the breath and on how
  • 12:16: it affects your body The following equipment is pressure control and stress with using biological feedback The principle of biological feedback easy in order to people learned not affect any or physiologically biochemical process it should receive information about results of their of action one of the most important applications biological feedback is its use the treatment Hypertension that is, high blood pressure
  • 12:46: and the relaxation of a control biological feedback patients hypertension disease gives opportunity to improve hemodynamic indicators and cancel antihypertensive initial preparations hyper-kinetic stage of disease when raised cardiac output at normal peripheral tone vessels despite ruling belief that internal organs are not able to learn there is strong evidence that they reality can learn and Furthermore
  • 13:17: acquire a very specific skills this gives grounds assume that It may require revision of the old separation of mind and body mind and emotions these amazing new discoveries helped Spawn interest to treatment with assistance biological feedback like We know one of not the most inexpensive Easy options apparatus boss that is, biological feedback that anyone can used directly in home It operates on based thermometry
  • 13:47: Basically all that you have to do is hands and 15 minutes of time So friends Congratulations you have her firm unit a boss medical thermometer or a thermometer for measurement the temperature in the room when a person comes under exposure to stress his blood organism so redistributes that the limbs limited blood flow to the touch, they become more colder than rest of the body however, if a person warm hands and feet their bloodstream
  • 14:17: rise fall hormone levels stress relaxation muscles and the person will feel much calmer and less tense and This reduces and pressure technique boss themselves these techniques is temperature rise to 36 degrees Celsius, and maintaining this figure on For ten minutes as soon as you able to raise in this way temperature lesson you will perform this exercise and without use thermometer but
  • 14:47: at first until you trying to increase rock temperature use visualization and guided imagery for application of the Sit in the methodology comfortable chair in his hands take the thermometer as shown on this picture hands positive knees focus your consciousness solely on those feeling that appear in your palms start slowly breathe gently inhaling and imagine Feel how your body is filled warm bright energy
  • 15:17: red breathing Imagine exactly how it flows out of your hands towards thermometer where their Azer leave feel and Design heat red from palm to the thermometer watch how much you you can raise temperature for 35 minutes mastery of technique feedback biofeedback It requires some most sessions people reached Success after 12 sessions with time
  • 15:47: people learn impact on their muscle tension and free circulation a thermometer the treatment hypertension more used frequently permanent method cuffs that provides constant blow-by blow feedback inside standard cuff blood pressure is inserted into the microphone which the located above brachial artery the inside elbow sleeve air pumps and reserves under constant pressure
  • 16:17: close to the average systolic League and historical patient pressure feedback in form light or sound set in If the patient manage to achieve a slight reduction blood pressure instead of microphone It can be used stethoscope which often it comes together with the sleeve and attached to it as you see this figure thus trying to to relax and calm you install reverse biological relationship and control your
  • 16:47: pressure reducing its optional following method guidance that images such guidance Images of doing images of the program controlled thoughts and ideas that lead your imagination relaxed focused state, you can reach relaxed state when you represent all Security details comfortable place eg garden beach or relaxing on the water as on this picture such a state can contribute wound healing
  • 17:17: learning creativity and disability it will help you monitor your emotions and thoughts that can improve your attitude to life health and sense comfort Why use to conduct on images management of images is many practical its objectives can use for achievements relaxation resulting fall arterial pressure and to fight with problems associated with stress also image guidance used for achieve the objectives
  • 17:47: e.g. throw weight or quit smoking overcoming pain acceleration of healing it may even help you prepare for sports contest or public performance at the management of images safe and not associated with what risks it is particularly effective if you train skilled specialist field guided imagery according to the ancient
  • 18:20: mystically teaching of energy follows thought where we did not pay his gaze directed to the same and our energy to example, if we focus our attention any color is energy emanation body changes its purity to that which resonates with According to color blue color reduces blood pressure and slows down heartbeat That is why he considered and soothing relaxing soothing or zalizinoy incoming
  • 18:50: flow blue you thereby and restest reduce your arterial pressure Green also It considered the most conceding for the eyes light green allows people relax better spending is guidance with activation appropriate chakras on your body As show in the Figure as mentioned earlier increase blood Pressure usually associated with chronic stress that leads to overstrain
  • 19:20: system circulatory Consequently yoga practice that will contribute reduction in symptoms stress will positively affect the system circulation than people more relaxed the less the tone of blood vessels and below Pressure for such practices can attributed breathing practices to be impact on the nervous system responsible for relaxation e.g. jaron hara Bank throat lock blood pressure track baroreceptors some of them located in the carotid
  • 19:50: artery when a person performs jalan hara bandha he is muscle tension are slightly squeezing the carotid artery just above baroreceptors in a result of increased pressure Blood and baroreceptors react to it as a general increase pressure they give a signal to the medulla oblongata and From there the signal goes to the pressure decrease Further yoga postures working on nerves parasympathetic the nervous system
  • 20:20: responsible for relaxation and reduce the pressure eg pashchimattanasanu inclination to the right foot as this is irritation vagus nerve that makes heart beat less often there is a general parasympathetic relaxation response inhibition of reduction pressure at hypertension and Yoga helps wisely and greeting pose moon cleaning practices such as waste to focusing the eye for a fixed
  • 20:50: sight promotes calm concentration and Consequently decrease blood pressure practice on muscle relaxation effective way for relaxation diminishing hypertension shavasana used in yoga pose for recreation Pay shavasana daily 10-15 minutes gradually you will be able to reach deep relaxation naturally antidote to hypertension and finally meditation an excellent tool for treatment
  • 21:20: hypertension of a few studies in the those held by commissioned by the national Institute US health It was shown that under the treatment of hypertension meditation can be not less effective than drugs means and at the same time does not give one negative side effect often observed in the use pharmacological preparations for decompression