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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear
  • 00:30: friends are he not wanted to talk about infamous law package spring spring deputy of the State Duma and senators lake water yes about that very law package which will be that's very total surveillance and storage three-year term storage of information about the Internet providers operators mobile phone communications I believe that this is no security security state a just lobbying
  • 01:00: interests foreign capital at aspiration Russian money send his orders foreign electronic industry I I think it's in general then number speaking should be the subject of serious investigation of what not well, it's already calculated that in order to ensure that The requirements of this law package spring lakes in the Russian the federation will double actually the power of these here is storage centers
  • 01:30: information data centers or codes that is in addition to 29 thousands of now put cabinets to build and to buy another 30 thousand here these here units as counted company mobile telesystems are will cost 2 and 2 trillion rubles only for her for this company but two and two trillion it's honestly it about 30 billion
  • 02:01: well, you can of course , that mts several bulbs exaggerates figures add mts we there inbox as a matter of fact megaphone and plus 5 biline is not a vympel everyone wants to unite then I think that somewhere around 30 billions of dollars orders and will need spend on these storage systems of data
  • 02:31: these 30 billion dollars, but actually this is the cost comparable costs in Sochi olympiads 50 billions well and even more than the cost of the championship of the 2018 World Cup of the year it's gigantic on actually order and where he goes to what is done production domestic electronics there is no what do we mean by production electronics then assembly actually some cabinets there no nodes and with it tailors and so producers are you in general then these storage centers
  • 03:01: information centers information processing this is a Western company what are you going to give yourself? specially wrote for scrap of paper on the mix United States frowns packard United States commerce network power also connected states huawei china schneider electric well, even if these cases carry processing center data will be here get together anyway processor for too will be from the US
  • 03:31: firm intel that is about what is it anyway purchase 20 sorry 30,000 of these are worth storage cabinets information but count this as at least 15 here although probably all 20 billions of dollars you are here they are foreign industry under actually ordered country industry under excuse ensuring the the national security is not spring issue in general which he achieved by not lobbies with lake by senator interests in general
  • 04:01: western electronic corporations why about I say this because what do you know when one case 2 cases already guards 3 system here we are recently told that some dumpling lobby the introduction excise duty on sugar-containing lemonade drinks effervescent why for what you will find domestic producers replace sugar with sweeteners import production of Russian Federation is not produced the money went
  • 04:31: again abroad here in this case with a package of a spring lake and I see the same ambition as a matter of fact give Russian federation's interesting and spring and lakes did this for stupidity or had a certain interest here it would be worth spend some investigating does not exclude and all the circumstances because to pay then in this case, for the provision of this of total surveillance will in fact not rubles like you understand foreign
  • 05:01: corporations take only dollars and euros I am now they for Russian Federation in a large large a deficit in fact this law will economic undermining the Russian federation and advantageous for foreign capital even carry action I understand that I still did not Fedorov not Kurghinyan I do not understand what is spring the law itself together with the lake I could not accept all this is done with blessing only above our controlled democracy so i want to
  • 05:31: appeal put one is very guarantor of the constitution defender in general people you know as a matter of fact your nearest the environment nest such corruption center because like you you understand everything bills from unified russia and for this project is a spring the lake voted and united russia and fair Russia By the way, kprf and ldpr claims were against all decisions on such bill
  • 06:01: is adopted on the old square administration president so that I should do search is generally honestly traitors in their the nearest the environment why else another the danger of corruption is so great is so great desire not so much great aspiration some politicians and officials earn on using the look on orders which transferred abroad that despite the this pyramid of persons military organization despite all the force law enforcement
  • 06:32: there power bodies Russian Federation how the system will be bribe outside nowhere good is it certainly not will lead the world probably a lake howl with what do not you ask many things can tell you is dispatch from she will go on and on with 3 githise