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  • 00:00: Want Now such a beautiful dress think it is expensive It stands right now needlewoman Olechka Volkova tells how make trendy dress 20 minutes spent total 150 hryvnia Olenka hello a little thank you this extraordinary Dress now it trend of the season now! ever all designers take a very beautiful silhouette and tissue such flowing to make a figure well here incredibly elegant and fine and course it is a pleasure not
  • 00:30: cheap design is to dress yourself have to get we lay out at least than $ 100 and now I tell Secrets to take such great pay one suture who I never tried sew a own clothing Now she pulls nail hand I think that all and still, and we take please go CNAM but as you call me Casey can not name so call figure in cars strawberry yes she
  • 01:00: enough how krupnenky shoulders because we are a little bit they will close help beautiful but cuffs rest dignity of the figure they have obviously we we will emphasize refined figure for First, I stocked up I took a tissue quite beautiful Spring flowers duck Green already here It resembles grass but this is it for us the beautiful can not like a very Artist Khoroshilov color we guessed take a section of 2 meters 20 centimeters will divided into two segments one and a half meters and 70 centimeters shop you can buy
  • 01:30: a cloth It called micro oil from 55 hryvnia per meter and a width material should be not half a meter less we will a square and a half to half and rectangle half a meter by 70 centimeters of square on the half and a half we will have skirt of a rectangles we come out the top of the dresses just hold a straight line to to delineate Our 70 centimeters respectively received 70 centimeter and a half meter intervals and but now we are boldly
  • 02:00: very carefully you begin to cut not even just two rezhesh halves and on 1 to one because as we edge try our not we handle we are cut off 70 centimeters and we will postpone deal with our huge piece Fold the fabric in half and can now again folded in half with us I turned a little corner
  • 02:30: where all converge cloth centered But on this center we we can do a small notch We get a cut here small hole Now when we deploy this hole it is the center of Now our segment we measure waist do not tell loud and I am very shy shy you obviously anything but Basically we can not even talk about centimeter because what we measure this circumference, we immediately we transfer our the pattern and we
  • 03:00: Now take and spread as straight as possible from center to so I do not I see also that it is time or is it like a tap those who for the first time by very afraid of patterns but I want to mindlessly some new clothes . help me District began this the only measurement needed sew this dress the next stage we cut this circle I'm here and so barely begin
  • 03:30: it is also desirable doing enough carefully so our next step, we We will round off the bottom skirt because now it is a square and 4 will hang down corner if we just divide this skirt although this style of dress, too there can be these corners really if you leave You want to make the dress a little longer if this length inappropriate it can be Example pony run still pretty lace just a detail everything turns out yes Taisia. who are you on I thank you and the profession
  • 04:00: I did not expect at professions general housewife from I have two daughters will help them to teach them what we do, we two We add up the times again our segment and again now from center we how to cut through the waist we need to do smooth arc for forming not cradle this and that you speak in You have two daughters so well how much and under 5 years older than 10
  • 04:31: in addition to what the school and kindergarten th eldest loves I love your work transmission loves engaged in modeling painting embroidery scientific and hope sew because you me today at teacher by the way is a great idea a little girl of 5 years already Decide like that until repeats for senior introduce her to teach how they get along together between a very well not quarrel
  • 05:01: each other cover if the eldest wants candy sends stone lodge hit youngest to younger It takes the candy and carry over if Jr. that it is necessary junior post older like they do not directly ambassadors each other, we had quarter of our the sun wheel accordingly we They cut but now We still have 3 half to full sun we we came here as the case may
  • 05:31: unwrap the cloth laying one piece the other can carry out the following line and we will uniform with the sun all sides can be say pays herself sews hold scissors help someone else so fascinated by so interesting twist yes very good reason I was afraid that's it, we will turn round and the opening of middle, it's just
  • 06:01: Our skirt so as long as we this segment cloth postponed and move to another in another segment cloth and we will all much easier and even easier we it turns 70 centimeters half a meter that we Now we do collect doubled width and now We gather again two already in length Thus, we measure Again our center segment in a blouse You should do the same waistline
  • 06:31: which will be we have secured directly to skirt and a line we will simply direct from the point that we drawn by chalk 25 cm each side of it all size is a universal strip for to form the Whether this pattern overdue 50 size inclusive cut too do small nadrezik I ask simply cut yes it will just straight line I had never I tried afraid I thought the fabric always
  • 07:01: I spoil it and you showed that it enough immediately available as a smile this ghost with a motor I probably first pile for the front skirt side up and Now top Put the second the fabric is also facing obtained inside face-to-face and skirt blouse how well connect the circle and Right here is the most interesting first We apply one Area to one edge circle fix it bulavochkoy and then
  • 07:32: Our second edge stripes is pinned to the the opposite the edge of the circle and then we will be small when assembly because line that we formed by a straight slightly more than circle so yes. Now I will help and here I am from above and from below you connect the two parts slightly overlap one on the other it can be do bulavochkami you can thread a trained is the only seam which we will be in this dress
  • 08:02: secure your dress he just lies for a thin belt Now we are left Only this line with scribbling since knitted fabric we mobile flexible it stretches us Of course, it is desirable it zigzags If you do not have to stock cars the width of the course is It can be done by hand accuracy and bugs that they It was enough ample for to yet again mobility is maintained and you You think the daughter of Inca like this paid and I think they They will love and imagine such willing says my him begin
  • 08:32: tra-ta-ta-ta-ta then let so carefully He looks to the house and then repeat it all of course as a We cut off our cross-linked part is ready, we skirt and turns here the upper part of it blouse and then a small sekretik about what I said that we will no longer do no seams and we have it usually involves shoulders that we will do we
  • 09:02: use shop you can buy ready-made decorations with crystals and can be stick like this I did it on a basis These elements here that we will be repeated on zone It can be done rather closed Shoulder to here just like Nadia can be made to make a small fixation on the shoulder and respectively open it as a unexpectedly quickly came the moment we would not do anything like We did cut cut once scribbled about times longer necessary to measure dress . but we are now try you hope count up all whether we It happened since we
  • 09:33: like to dive and ask you to a little bit to hold the first fitting exciting time omit the waist to seam and now we remains only to fix on shoulders and we already do too independently under the figure to give times give another bulavochku and send you change to we saw you already full glory Thank you rain. with the dress idea and of course chic beautiful and so
  • 10:03: sparingly but where such an idea you when in the institute I learned not wanted here show off some new clothes and this is They pay just been incredible find who learned one girlfriend on the know how to critic quickly can sew and we had after the pair ran to her home found there some segment fabric then it was somewhere there curtains whether as a tablecloth night we have possessed it and that's fine with practice I I have been there a couple of Weeks went to this chic dress you I'm sure you know that Tahitian dress suit
  • 10:33: it will be him sumptuously look necessarily He tells her girlfriends as possible so make we own We meet with you Taisiya how it's beautiful I I will definitely princess on your celebration youtube hello Do you like it video leaving
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