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Caviar from vegetable marrows as from shop preservation  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends in touch with you Claudia and root Today we will prepare squash caviar we need 1 kilogram courgettes a pound of carrots a pound of onions 70 grams tomato paste twenty five per cent one bitter pepper salt one tablespoon vinegar nine percentage of 100 grams and
  • 00:31: 2 tablespoons sugar tablespoons butter and 100 grams now I'm going to clean I shall cut onion vegetables well I will show carrot and now all I cleaned vegetables cut or morkovochka like is cut zucchini onion, and now I'm in thick-walled bottomed cauldron pour oil about 100
  • 01:02: grams and above I send all carrot quenched and may even some water a little I add immediately I add salt sugar our water and 100 grams I put on fire after
  • 01:32: carrot five minutes from We stew with the lid is closed, we we can add zucchini bow hot peppers or cover and simmer
  • 02:06: until soft and here fifteen minutes our vegetables under about cap they were extinguished yet tselenkie now I add tomato paste here 70 grams only Knead well and still I leave it to a little bit
  • 02:37: for 5 minutes extinguished and here I am at the end of Top up with our vinegar knead here I turn off the heat and
  • 03:09: Now I have it on blender and all KRO this scrolled and here I have scrolled I found in the blender see what the color of the beautiful and now I Heat to more try and hot roll up hot sterile banks and you see what a beautiful game
  • 03:41: was very delicious but for me so a little bit many uxa with vinegar you hard at first, I got half pisya put 100 grams 50 if there is not enough add another and so now it warms up I need a blender cooled and that blender and scroll once rolled up in a bank hot and this is our squash caviar already
  • 04:16: Get 3 is rolled half-liter jar very tasty and Bon Appetit and good luck to you cook with pleasure raduyte their loved ones