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  • 00:00: Hello I the last video you and he promised to tell of what size There are double-needle they eggs and how to choose them also today I you tell you what you can operations to do with using the twin needle double needle we It consists of a bulb it is on the one hand in We have a flat here
  • 00:30: this here sawed to form th on the other hand we a round shape here Such is the plastic plate in which Pine needles and two in we have these needles are at different distance from each another thing minimum the distance is there are between here these needles is 1 and 6 millimeter most maximum the distance is it happens It is 8 millimeters for. eagle also is
  • 01:03: varies depending the type of tissue and such double needle we are universal are suitable for almost all basic such fabrics which are not drawn in We are those double twin needle we usually have to upakovochku goes English-speaking name so I you will speak as a in Russian and English and
  • 01:33: Universal needle in We simply called twin double and exist needle double that It called twin stretch accordingly it double needle stretch of islands and knitted material still exist in our double needle Jeans denim twin ie This needle for jeans denim Another double needle it is called the needle systems
  • 02:03: extra white is a needle width of 8 millimeters it is the most maximum width needle who just happens and yet we had such that glo It called in Russian cruise it is like a needle single and double and using cruise Needles have performed this decorative thing as openwork such holes may be someone saw tablecloths in blouses such openings that through shine
  • 02:34: done these opening via winged needles it is called double wing and the name I have She is on top of the there is no way transfers transferred to the general it is in the name packaging and if it there it means indicate that you needle winged one needle you will normal and the other Here's an example that's it you will have to thus thickening in such as lobe long
  • 03:04: which will be expand push Our fiber cloth and us after a few punctures a needle is formed such hole and thread tightened around holes obtained such openings decorative happens Now this type of needle what we apply double needle the first thing that comes to mind is decorative double line perfectly
  • 03:34: she can not do anything grind is just is for example, after which 100 not the side of some lay slices top double line I in last videos I said here this kind of lines which performed double needle on plain car so it does not It has some Super Cream fortress she goes most pure decorative appearance aesthetically attached so stitching at We double stitching
  • 04:05: but such sports some things on denim apply this is the first thing that often do you see second where we can use you here is a double needle it is in the processing of knitwear Naturally, if we We use a conventional your car and put we do not double needle can you sew some swimsuits such super Stretch for this
  • 04:35: exist special machines now it's not about them we can contact you process knitwear such well which is not much extends that is not super elastic like which is a little bit so stretching is not each machine we have with you can to knitwear in general work because be missing stitches in general, any any other problem that is not fact that you
  • 05:05: get to work twin needle with knitwear but if you have a machine lets do it possible in principle, and replace knitting line rasposhivalnye seam may be replaced such as hemming some products because with seamy side of the We are a small Zigzag and Zigzag we this little bit stretched so easy stretching the fabric so You can also try
  • 05:35: sew with the twin needle following use it in We raised tucks You probably also did sometimes we watched especially in the summer some linen and legenky cotton and hong style shells tissue is already sold tucks such but the protection perfectly possible easy to make help here such not double-neck be sure to sew these borozdochki straight you can make and wave for relief tucks we have a
  • 06:06: Special foot for to have been certain distance from zaschepka protection ie tab it looks to itself how such rectangle in the which bottom Realized several grooves we first groove sew poseredinke then swap with you in one of the ready grooves there may be different number I move it the fabric in which either side and at some distance constant
  • 06:37: we completely precisely metered 2 protection and so we thanks to the first the protection of all other tucks do the same there are relief protection which the we laid lace in the middle very beautiful It is obtained as buy a needle size they are and how to read the dimensions distance between needles can be between 1 and 6 millimeters to 8 mm all
  • 07:08: we have reflected in the first room we It is two digits which denote needle thickness that is, there is a room we take the number 75 goes on we slash a dash Vertical and more It is in millimeters in we have written, for example, two and a half or Two such means is 2 mm or 4 that is, and we have a room
  • 07:38: It reads as number 75 flash 2 and a half it means that the thickness needle 75 and the distance between the two needles two and a half millimeters in total all the rooms are exactly as well as conventional needles simply by fraction have written distance between needles and it can be as much small and very not every large machines have generally opportunities such Makes 6 and 8
  • 08:08: because millimeters that sometimes zigzag limited a width of 5 millimeters very many typewriters you need view instructions on how you which is about tigers maximum width and do not buy natural double needle that greater than the width maximum zigzag they were all straight lines but twin needle can also perform decorative stitches who we are as a Additionally, you can
  • 08:38: do and zigzag double needle to fill a dual corner you can not necessarily not the same color they can do yarns in different colors and darker thread It will look like shadow to lighter thread can be done flowers and zigzags and that is, those waves decorative stitches that you have usually in the machine all this can be done double needle the only condition to have this one any decorative stitch
  • 09:08: no way exceeded the maximum range If you are not afraid Do your votknetsya Heads twist plate your the flywheel by hand make full here this pattern here and look not Do you have come across a needle plate then can safely use the pedal That's actually the whole trick in size and in features double plays and all bye Bye