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The removal of dents training video without painting  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you villar car and my name Ruslan I have for a long time absent because I am testing a new tool went on rest home He engaged in personal chores but after two months yet I I reached the chamber and today we making machine x-trail trunk again not the first rib last hope you will emphasize to
  • 00:30: several important moments in general get to work look carefully on the edge of our frame Now we are left Remove and see what is under it how we severe damage see that the varnish we broken but we hope that it does not result impact as it was broken so he will remain additional no violations formed with regard to whether the rights it is not very littered much can it
  • 01:01: withdraw without too for violations of we need a hair dryer, and pillow which we Pumped up inside to smoothly apply and deposited on the edge folly that are outside lamp set closer to be seen good sharpness We start warming hairdryer and puts We pump up the inside pillow are planted in the top
  • 01:47: dullness to that we in I left this edge since the cushion us It helped to but not enough Now we heat the metal stronger hairdryer, and will squeeze inside Crochet along the edge edge us has now become We need suppress this
  • 02:17: sharp chaff Gray and Gray also Gray to paint is not God forbid we disrupted metal bit
  • 03:04: besieged Now raising more deep places here you can walk a little bit in the furrow and you generally continue throughout
  • 03:39: work with us formed perpendicular to chaff bands that we had clean lift to end up It was a good artificial shagreen is very small and hidden in factory naturally we furrow left by varnish which formed even when impact only left make cover and see how we flat angle as the we have it, we floor it
  • 04:09: its first simple will do and see will fix later looks my wonderful Now it remains repair and already put directly on nut look ready result everything turned out all personally I met next video all luck while let us know