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  • 00:00: Russia does not beat records notifies us in US Department of State an unprecedented quantity citizens of russia served this year application for participation in lottery top prize which the American green card american reconnaissance analytical stratfor company promulgated fresh quantity data who left Russia for seeking a better fate according to her calculations
  • 00:31: only in 2015 Russia left 350,000 human a year earlier 300,000 and in 2013 200,000 is significantly more than the worst years disadvantaged nineties and aggregate comparable to number of fugitives from the ussr during Second World War then from the country left for different data from 700 thousand to one million
  • 01:02: human authors report emphasize that these figures do not just the departures of people and exports human capital so called Putin's brain drain the last three years Russia is not leaving uneducated migrant workers who travel to agricultural of work but people who received education is often working in computer industry and other advanced and
  • 01:32: vital sectors of their economy leaving stratfor directly linked to third term of travel and the way I'm into it time was spent policy and also how power in Russia coping with last economic crisis, and political reasons often become more important factor for departure it's historical strategic impasse and a trap in which
  • 02:03: Our government led us especially for recent years Igor about Crimea Ukraine and so further external politics is politics besieged fortress who today in Unlike There is no cold water there is no one almost complete isolation self-isolation in which we behaved in its external and domestic policy it seems to me that who can anyone can do that must leave in
  • 02:33: crisis times presidency of Boris Yeltsin indicators departure for example is not exceeded 250 thousand person per year then when the authorities came to power Putin amount left sharply decreased and continued to fall almost a decade Putin's stability from 150 thousand people in 2000 up to less than 50 thousand in 2007 y at the time presidency
  • 03:04: bear indicators Migration held on even lower level of 30 40 thousand people per year in 2009 in spite of crisis indicator was record low 32 thousands of people but with new arrival of Putin to power in 2012 leak brain increased by 3 times and every year continued to grow compared with the board of the bear Last year
  • 03:34: number of people who left from Russia grew by stratfor order claims that the first and the second term stay of Putin authorities was considered many of those who later he left the p-p is not just like an era economic stability but also Renaissance russia but all these expectations were crossed out parliamentary elections in 2011 which have passed since a huge number
  • 04:04: falsification and following these massive protests that strongly suppressed the police right here please here here lies a stack of beauty is not we mean unfold here go to the mailing list Someone that children in the toilet lay a pile enlargement for a united Russia how much here let's consider
  • 04:34: happy united russia 2 united russia 3 unified Here in Russia right now found filmed on video after that in Russia began tightening the nuts is provoked departure from the country political figures scientists and journalists business owners Russian authorities only supported them
  • 05:04: leaving is enough recall the statement deputy of the Legislative Assembly Petersburg vitalia milonova Russia has nothing will lose if all so-called creative class will leave however for creative class of last year or two began massively leave and representatives of other professions doctor engineers scientists entrepreneurs teachers with science is very bad
  • 05:35: things are because that as our the wind does not understand what fundamental science does not allow this money in russia with biological brothers actually get through then it is possible through the border is not taken there is a mass of some restrictions on customs that leads to the fact that things circulation there a very long, finite account spoil committed mocking attitude to graduate student in academy tax on somewhere else it is necessary still
  • 06:05: less they get one and a half thousand scholarship per month bad things are very bad per year per employee permanent an employee of emajti account for 25 million rubles 25 million rubles for comparison mean organization academic organizations in Russian Federation these are magnitudes of order 600 thousand and I want emphasize that when I'm talking about Western a pro-Western company organization I say about the basic budget
  • 06:36: financing when I'm talking about our organization and I I include everything here and budget and grants and you contract and orders and so on. statistics average human age who leaves for border work and then it remains so live twenty six years is basically this specialist in physics of chemistry of biology and programming graduates of elite universities counting ministry science education loss of only one specialist cost Russia 300,000 dollars in general and for mass outflow
  • 07:06: scientists of our country loses about 2 billions of dollars in year change vector directions so called a cut brains have not yet is submitted possible loss of these highly qualified specialists are hard hit the Russian economy in the future and will make the country more more dependent on external crises for example from falling of oil prices against the background of renewal of sanctions caused by
  • 07:36: aggressive the policy of the Kremlin against Ukraine and further confrontation with west of Russia power provokes continuation from current intellectual elite from russia and than fraught with lumpinization society was very brightly demonstrated in beginning of the past centuries only in this time blame for disintegration country external forces will not succeed it is obvious that all responsibility for
  • 08:07: what is happening now lies only in Kremlin authorities of those in despair masters do not only their lives but also judging by 140 millions of inhabitants great a vast gymnasium registered as German school with embassy in moscow german teach as a rule native speakers children go to an internship in Germany Most of them plans in the future there remain many sit in suitcases
  • 08:38: large class when children go go there see what that the situation there there and freedoms more and opportunities for creativity more for studies for work and it is natural that to them you can not close your eyes this is all seen and understand that there better pull in 10 classes of marina Ustin pride school and kartman to the contents of the issued guys also the future plans to leave for
  • 09:08: germany her dream is to ask advanced medical equipment although school with a humanitarian the gradient of the marina takes first place in All-Russian competitions in physics chemistry and biology she has more than a hundred diplomas and awards girl with one's own hand yourself in the bedroom invents exclusive devices analogues in the world is not in the first place let's return start over if brain brains they are already this should be melted normal brain is not unique flowing away
  • 09:38: you any of a hollow head in empty or if they already melted then do not follow from any head is simple there will find a way out