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  • 00:00: [music] Good day my dear friends, today I I would like to show you three ways to quickly remove the seeds from the cherries and Many of these methods know to whom it It will be a novelty but I would like it show all have here is such a this is a common tool in chesnokodavku
  • 00:30: It has in it is rather here is hole may be asked many yourself what is this hole hole for berries take berry paste and Tver top point is located in mung bean stalk here it is, take it cherry and put the stem as if there's something up this hole
  • 01:01: up where just then we had peduncle and now here there is such Now pin snip press and our bone It came out very fast and very easy to cherry pure bone it's very fast very quickly without any tension stem press set up Bone came here is your berry removed without any
  • 01:35: I do not strain very quickly good bone and came here and so quickly removed bone of our berries even if you have a cherry [music] before even greenish do it very easy and our bone I clean it the first way I will
  • 02:06: He showed us to remove bone unnecessarily'll show you the second a method and a kilogram is ten minutes you will have even less than the year here is such a laid-back way is 1 cooper second method if you have no nothing on hand took hairpin
  • 02:36: Here the usual spikes NER it is every women the same where was the tail of the cherry you pulled a bone Now this is not the tips of his cheeks and PM arcuate basis cherries and dragged the same method is very fast and very easy As you can see
  • 03:08: again and ready time and is ready to do not even have time to consider two three April 5th January 1 [music] cherry we prepared a third way the third method is a common pin that we drink sometime in childhood was far from certain is childhood
  • 03:39: rezinochku panties in the same not wherein the pin head and fastens zhopku where there is overlapping bulavochki for business and bone itself is also ready where Rahl is growing a tail and teased bone that is ready when you are at the cottage and you do not have anything anywhere in the field or as a but they say it is one idle told Here is such an antiquated method
  • 04:11: very fast and well, I also have one way to do if you have nothing at hands do not like anything any utensils I may say so but there is at least small nail it is also very can not be quickly such that no hygienic but very quickly I if at all anything I did take a nail into the same hole counterfeiting and bone pulled out but
  • 04:47: as you can see it even longer still pin pin much faster gets a simpleton cherry so here these are the three ways to quickly to remove the bone I have today, we body to show everyone good luck bye bye [music]