As from a stone of an apricot to grow up a new tree  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good morning, dear gardeners autumn it is not asks Autumn is coming finished harvesting apricots here were last I want the fruits of today to show you that from apricot You can also try develop a new tree we are now Remove and as he said Pechorin great iso mouth and once in the ground, I
  • 00:31: I remove the bone and we can not put Now the same operation we shall do with peach Now we will take ripened fruit peach's Peach has not crossed separated pos. but we are the bone of my little dried And they put the land and under the this one can be put in order
  • 01:02: to get a new Hybrid and those dear gardeners here there we will plant apricot shot tree which grew there the likelihood that grow interesting family and it can be sit on the variety and may and savage if we sadim the peach pit the likelihood that grow the same high up to 95 percent where
  • 01:35: take the bones only stores that up we are adapted and so you planted on a bone a depth of not more than 1 centimeter important to the root collar formed immediately on the ground if you first year lamina here such here narrow to indent enough boss Venka and it is likely good major the fruit you get
  • 02:06: despair is not necessary you are in the seedling is at you will double shape you into it will plant any cultivar and if you will about here Such are the leaves see the glossy wide for these saplings have it makes sense observe well possible that some of the good parent properties he will give It will be an abundant harvest but the fruit of the bitter and do not worry
  • 02:36: jam is very spicy flavor and more one small subtlety try but better to sit down immediately they constantly because it does not tolerate transplant Apricots have a powerful taproot increases and each transfer delays introduction and fruiting seedlings grown from bone they are always after the fur coat of fruiting rather than grafted and if you also will transplant several times the Of course you will remove
  • 03:06: entry deadline fruiting try to plant immediately to the ambassador on place all the best try to go for it quite possible then you will a unique new variety apricot and plum rays cherries and once try