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Gennady Zhukov - do not touch Russia, the Lord!  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Don’t touch Russia, Gentlemen! She's in pain and without your reproach.
  • 00:35: She in a self-condemnation herself She has no equal Remember how She rescued You In times of devastating attacks.
  • 01:07: And now from your shore we hear shameless lie! Don’t touch Russia, Gentlemen
  • 01:47: What do you, fed up and dressed , want from the country, that having saved half of the world is rising from the bottom now? Don’t touch Russia, Gentlemen
  • 02:20: Now you eulogize truthfulness But blindly to believe in your justice – Occupation, worthy clown. Russia is good-natured and wise
  • 03:11: She was tired to cry or pray. She will forgive a thief and a whore And forgive You for your foolish words. Don’t touch Russia, Gentlemen!
  • 03:44: You don’t know Her, you ignorant! She is great for her patience and hope She to other world not of couple. But if you don’t can to help, just close a mouth and don't at least disturb. Or I won't answer for the consequences. Don’t touch Russia, Gentlemen!