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  • 00:00: Hello to all fans knitting suggest you look at the very simple strapping views neck svyazochka lush columns often patterns I products using the pattern the girl asked as well as what's going to show Basically this disc It consists of two rows the first row is the arches of 4 stitches
  • 00:30: and 2 red is lush knit lush bars since I related articles arches up in mainly fabric arches and I edge already there is a hole that in this case, I will be on the tongue consist of one series how she knits very easy many have already guessed
  • 01:00: then begin 3 air hinges lifting sc loop-sc to sc loop provyazyvaem lush column all the loops together and two last again together connective bar following Again hole 3 sc lifting loop
  • 01:33: pull loop sc pull sc pull loop loop provyazyvaem a magnificent bar and two loop for fixing connective column in the next arochki or hole 1 February 3 nakida lifting loops loop-sc loop-loop sc together together
  • 02:05: connectors bar following arches again 3 shows the loop lifting sc loop-sc loop-loop sc with three 3 sc loop 2 and loop together connective column in the next arochki 1 2 3 Lift loop
  • 02:37: loop sc-sc loop-sc loop with loop lush and column the remaining two loops and so on to connect end of the row across gorlovinki that's what we get provyazyvaem until the end
  • 03:07: series in the same way 3 market vozdushki loop-sc loop-sc loop along together connective bar following 3 air arochki sc lifting loop loop-sc
  • 03:37: loop-sc loop together provyazyvaem 6 loops and 2 more Thus, we We finished the entire series cut the thread look we happened Now that we happened just any extra
  • 04:09: costs and works here such necks to it happened obliged to Takayama suitable for almost all kinds of beaches yarn this case is not wool dress wool is here on claps original
  • 04:42: Here are the top looks from Cotton's and Takayama to necks and bottoms products is also required to this different border cotton species the combination at the end milk yarn here This obliged to from lush columns the bottom product of the neck
  • 05:12: armhole can be knit under the cuff is connected diva of the same lush column here Mesh is fillet mesh through one box a mesh provyazyvaetsya magnificent column all that's all light Moms loops luck in
  • 05:42: knitting Be creative to get up very happy if you helped