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Cabbage cakes with sausage - gentle as an omelet - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello friends today cook delicious muffins cabbage cupcakes sausage means that Seller 50 grams sausages can be cooked Now this took cabbage slightly egg three pieces of salt taste kefirchik little vegetable flour oil mayonnaise
  • 00:30: slightly esophagus Let's get ready to beginning nashinkuem cabbage cabbage initially take 250 300 gram and you will need to a little salt and bruise in vain coarsely grated
  • 01:01: rub with sausage instead of sausages can be using any sausage evenings but and approximately 50 gram in another bowl prepare protest 3 tablespoon yogurt add half
  • 01:33: dining soda spoons and extinguish the dishes break eggs eggs add one tablespoon vegetable oil one tablespoon
  • 02:04: pour mayonnaise yogurt soda and here also add two tablespoons tablespoons flour it's all good stir mixer the resulting dough add cabbage with sausage still prevent take the form of grease
  • 02:39: oil form they Apple should be so it can be usually silicosis oven we have a lot pre it 200 degrees were oven for ship 5 minutes 20-30 depending on anyone what spiritual
  • 03:09: looked home this golden while the nation's appetite gone was exactly twenty five minutes cabbage crisps very ready fragrant and delicious and can become a miracle there are sectional get a very
  • 03:39: delicious breakfast cook as you can see recipe is very quick and very tasty and I I assure you very cycle any lower Bon Appetit and all the best