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Scrappy sewing. We sew the pineapple block. We create textile costume jewelry. A master class - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear viewers we appreciate eshku there are traces on it departed from the world we honor the generations from th I book with a level of time jealously guarding look for teaching children experience we invite you showroom twenty galleries first century carnival exhibition fun this vein Maslenitsa People festive
  • 00:30: cycle and wonderful something to talk about traditions and modernity exposure presents vintage village painted wooden chests sled from the collection public funds collection and patchwork objects traditional contemporary author's clothes art objects done craftswomen club red sundress Elena your great red team
  • 01:00: sarafan wow great creative laboratory there are already 14 years you preside over this the club all the time how difficult it combine 30 different not professional people in the sewing area but professional heart heart love Russian culture that the most difficult in this our club 13 years we have been born in 2000 year, and I am his until permanent my head very much in
  • 01:31: poll that indeed we not professional people are former can be even some science figures can and be where the grass dressmaker but we united one roots we do folk art national patchwork sewing and words Art is very it is important is not a hobby It leaves us comply with the same but once again stress
  • 02:02: art and when we omit exhibition very pleased that professionals note here that our level and even in Europe in England Germany say that This is not a hobby art and, therefore, Now to the people Art has been alive we stand on guard to keep him reduced to ashes that she was modern and that word in the entire hangar de contemporary
  • 02:33: art because in fact, all origins avant-garde came because of Russian folk art the problem was the exhibition do not show arts and crafts art and to show the beauty contemporary textile design built on the basis of traditional patchwork and enhance the beauty antiques at mostly chosen
  • 03:03: chests not renovated because already when atheist thing he I lost something we are able Here's to connect these two kinds to highlight the beauty of wood in the tree emphasize the beauty of our sunrise GOVERNMENTAL things so The exhibition is based on the that a person a little bit not eat it would be better considered each thing as separate composition art Helen thank you very much
  • 03:35: of this holiday textile holiday holiday tree spiritual feast heat and hot creative women hands say save masters club do patchwork Author's clothes it sundresses sew costumes capes bags of rags
  • 04:06: do patchwork favorite toy It remains chintz allowing better all show imagination and makes costume cheerful and elegant artists red sundress they imitate namely developing folk art they learn not just patchwork technique Amir space world Russian man using symbolic language folk culture
  • 04:36: Hello dear Friends now I I will show you how to sew such a simple patchwork block which usually called the word pineapple to sew a block us need a little pieces of tissue we cut into strips and center
  • 05:06: Our pattern is who will square we put on our mid lining lining necessary in order to have turned even trim unit and do not We slid the if a person in the band not sure you can imagine even hold the line markup to start work we will prepare foundations piece which will slightly larger than our finished unit Then we cut
  • 05:36: box that It will be the middle of this block and if we We work hard we can place our blog marking lines marking lines can be all but every author chooses the width of the marking and then typing we flaps gradually close all the surface this base foundation it can be any may be interlining and thin cotton cloth and even in some cases it can be thin paper which is then It can be easily removed
  • 06:07: Now we start to sew our pattern, and we work but we will hand both because it makes but if our grandmothers You want to rate you can do this work on the machine for To you it turned expressive pattern should be used fabric and contrasting in tone and color to have turned for a similar concrete on slices of pineapple if you take place near same cloth they It will merge with you and any pattern you have not happens to be
  • 06:38: contrast pay note that the first verse in our work we We will be spread on the and the sides of the square we have other kinds of We will be spread on the the corners of the slips So
  • 08:59: usually every newly
  • 10:15: came during the smoothed iron platform but here we will just are diagrams core assembly scheme and you can continue to fill its basis before moment when you understand that you have all the made profits happy with the result such a unit may
  • 14:15: widely practical use our life of such blocks First, you can collect large patchwork bedspread connecting them together a single such block it can be let potholders in your kitchen Well that's certainly interesting use it for some more pleasant things our life example it may be here bag this On the other hand it can not nothing decorate its front side here have such a pattern a pineapple dear friends, I
  • 14:48: I wish you great success and I wish you joy your work I hope that this a little work bring you you pleasure try something do personally themselves or the length their relatives or his house you want to be beautiful whether they both said, famous literary hero Kozma bars and only beautiful but also healthy because
  • 15:18: that's smth. like occupation and still are even heals people with disabilities opportunities unique artist Natalia Schiller share a secret manufacturing textile jewelry that It makes people healthy Natalia tires you can make yourself beautiful use for this one silver is not gold have completely simple things that allows you to decorate our clothes on a daily basis especially
  • 15:49: in the summer although not sure you action very often I had motayas motochek that there Your mother asked daughter looking at Please Hanks and So take piece syntepon This time you can see here such a small and then we take I usually bowl I recommend use some which synthetic madeira it is more often white but
  • 16:20: Here are my shake hands and it is not It has nothing values ​​we take a piece syntepon and using prepare this thread small zagotovochku tiny, tiny prepare Look 1 2 3 I do not I will bring long your attention again two three one two three to all They were the same as in I have always asked Natalia
  • 16:50: price as a top-end of the neck you all same Rovenki we usually take here is a piece of synthetic thread one and the same size here as the We did tailors here 1 swing arm so different max hand you obtained dvuhmetrovy not. and Now you have done this zagotovochku only the very edge Now this river which we stayed lightly secure in you got well, a whole box but such zagotovochek
  • 17:20: They will all be same, we For example, let if we have some thread which is preparing itself sleep Moscow Semyonov factory Uribe ical Carolina and you are done but Twenty-five here that's such a ball but We need to get beautiful real villar on product you need here this here ball wrap some thread and mini taken from a wheelbarrow
  • 17:51: reel to reel thread made specially waxed so that they easily slipping and we need to take such that thread we pull out of the tissue because it calico not. it seemed it is a spring like this Now pull out of tissue and turns not such a evenly painted as the spring is not. and so Look, I'm not you now long
  • 18:22: it seemed when you take He made his own understand, and here we take this thread and this is how here neatly neatly neatly swathes of this one ball as a result of get a very so cute ball and he will necessarily different color because thread it all painted in different colors you can take large cloth flowers with bright flowers and you Now get this
  • 18:53: that's wonderful bead there was only
  • 19:35: small tail the tail of a needle any thread we attach to the zagotovochki like these zagotovochek we must be 25 pieces for to all these balls were standard the same round as a matter of They kept asking me my students we We do not use a string to
  • 20:06: coil because on the reel low waxed it will slide ama thread pull out of cotton tissue from extinct as the she pulls out in order to
  • 20:52: the upper thread is not fell to the basics we We can take a some cotton strong thread or even better gold or silver Metallic thread type madeira and gold can be 3 4 5 depending matter how bright gold I always I use most bright zutto 3 number you you can do
  • 21:24: embroidery you can to do just dots never climb into do everything without really I want to hand the efforts except to say all others that it is a thing uncommonly useful because she is very powerful motor skills in fingertips and result, you get a very powerful impact even in any department
  • 21:55: brain that makes you long sighted I understand it very useful an exercise that's just what you have in hands were departing unpretentious cotton calico calico and sateen here they are, they have no longer interested in because with the help of pretty simple we can build get just such a
  • 22:25: beauty is It called sik strong jewelery I want all of sincerely wish you great strides in use
  • 22:55: textiles training materials this infinitely interesting sight creativity and apart Among other things again telling you about what it will always be for you beautiful gift and perfect decoration for itself himself Well program
  • 23:56: completed Sometimes what seems difference is that around The main fact that you within but what about all of a sudden insensibly leaks and you suddenly discover that your soul I will make a boring boxes of chipboard to prevent this happened are creating try to invent All the best, and to new appointments