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  • 00:00: hi guys today I am making my mum's birthday cake last year she had the ombre rosette cake which you guys loved but this year she wanted something a little bit more floral and you guys have been requesting another flower wreath cake so here it is we have gorgeous closed and open peonies beautiful large leaves I hope that she loves it and I hope that you guys do too so let's get biking so today I'm going to be showing you how to make these
  • 00:32: gorgeous flowers as well as those beautiful leaves I'm starting out with a 7 inch round cake which I have iced it has 3 layers of cake and then we have a beautiful sweet buttercream on top in a gorgeous eucalyptus shade now lots of you already know how to get to this part and if you don't there is some links in the description box below to help you along the way now to make the flowers I've gone ahead and made two different shades of pink just one darker than the other and I've used sugar flare clairee and dusty pink wine ng what tip is it on the end that's right it's a 104 such a
  • 01:05: surprise I know oh I love using the 104 tip and I also have another 104 tip on my green believe it or not as well as a 125 which is basically just like a gigantic version of the 104 I've used a spruce cream and eucalyptus to create these shades I really like how the nice and muted and natural and look I'm going for for mums is really sophisticated and elegant so I've used all sugar Flair colors because I find that they've got a real richness and very authentic kind of
  • 01:36: shade to them as always I also have a flower nail some little parchment squares and a baking tray or a cookie sheet to place them on so that I can pop them into the fridge now I'm just going to play a little bit of a buttercream to a flower nail so that we can attach that parchment and that way it won't go anywhere now going to do a little wrinkle up not very high and then start to fold over and this is very much like it's basically exactly
  • 02:10: the same as the center of the renowned killer then we're going to come back and do more getting longer and longer because you want to keep going over the top you're not trying to build out you're trying to build up only then still we have big part facing the bottom we're going to come way up like this and then do the odd little one come up and
  • 02:40: over and you're really aiming for them to fall in and that's your first trial looks a little bit strange but it's going to look gorgeous now we're going to do up and around like little rainbows some overlap in the previous one by about 30% and some right next to each other now for our final row we really want to curl our wrist back and have the
  • 03:11: flaring out this time none of them are overlapping each other some are very close to each other some are a little bit further away and you have a look and any that are really far separated from each other you can come back and add just a tiny one underneath just like that and then we carefully take it off a flower nail and pop it onto our cookie
  • 03:41: sheet so remember making sure that the biggest part is down do a little wriggle and then come up and over for in the first row and then I like to do that ten all up remember that you're concentrating on building up and not out at this stage
  • 04:11: switching to our lighter color we're going to do some really sweeping ones some smaller ones just like that and nice rainbows and then our last row is really flaring out now we also want to make some bugs to go
  • 04:44: with this because the whole point of nature is that it's different varieties some flowers have bloomed and some are just starting so we begin in the same way except this time we're only going to do about seven petals or so maybe eight and then stop and then taking out later color we're going to do the same building another row nothing like our bigger ones we're just going to keep
  • 05:17: that going and keep it nice and closed up now for our leaves we're going to go for the same style as one of the ones that we did in our two tier wedding cake flower one and that's just to use a 104 tip - or regal one way and regal black that easy ripple and back again I also have my 125 tip so that I can make really nice big ones and get that variety
  • 05:48: and allow these to sit in the fridge as well so now that our flowers and our leaves have chilled in the fridge it's time to start assembling this cake to do that I have taken a little bit of my cake color into a piping bag and I'm just going to pipe a little bit of an edge around the cake like a bit of a mound to help us with that wreath shape and then it's
  • 06:19: time to start placing our flowers on first I'm going to go for one of my larger ones so taking my flower line I'm peeling it from the parchment and then just placing it gently on give a bit of a press down and then leaving a bit of a space I'm going to place on one of my smaller rosebuds you can always come back and add a bit
  • 07:04: more if you want to get a little bit more height or angle and don't be afraid to move them around but if they start to get too soft go ahead and pop them back into the fridge for a little bit now once you're happy with all of your flowers we're going to go ahead and place in those leaves to do that I'm going to place a little bit of the green and then slide the leaf in just making
  • 07:35: sure it's attached Oh and you can always come back in and add
  • 08:12: a couple of layers yourself and the key key is to know when to stop it's really hard with cake sometimes you just want to keep on adding and adding but I think we've got just the right amount of lead and I think it's looking just perfect I'm really happy with how this turned out I know that mum's going to love it and I hope that you guys do as well I know you've been looking for another flower wreath cake and I thought that peonies would just be the perfect way to give you another flower using a 104 tip
  • 08:43: I know such a shocker it's a 104 again do I own everything else not really when it comes to flowers the 104 is the go-to piping tip for me obviously so get yourself one of those and get piping