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  • 00:00: welcome you to Channel prepare at home with you I Oksana Pashko Today I'll show you how make roses from mastics for these roses need not no special Tool I do tools but I I will say what you can and or even replace do without them as do so for to compile these my roses need
  • 00:30: proper formation in This foam I insert themselves already ready roses starch more ordinary toothpicks here is a tool ball if you do not such a tool with This ball you can it replace in children's sets there where there is a drum if such drum Sticks are great fit the same place here this Ball you can have them safely replace or
  • 01:00: something else is even those that come up or see here such Ball rolling pin from going In general, any other plunger two nozzles cream and took because I fits here diameter Now these circles that they have you you can replace something else any what can be cut just one circles two smaller bigger circle but say exactly who they diameter
  • 01:30: I took less than three centimeters in diameter I took more than 37 centimeters diameter circle brush. any of which can be mastic from a brush I'm going to do rosettes This recipe mastic I've got to channel I have this mastic kneaded in advance and adding a greater powder than indicated in the recipe is done to it Better to keep the shape
  • 02:00: would stiff and mat mat petals rolling If you do not have such mat I'll show you how can be rolled petals and without this mat before work with mastic mastic should be very knead well to she was uniform elastic I forecastle I powder starch, starch I I take corn differences corn starch from
  • 02:30: potato is he will not leave gloss on the petals roses roll out mastic mastic can roll it out as much as possible thinner so subtly that it shine through after rolling I cut the mastic circles first cut out small circles I need diameter 4 slices of 4 or more circles
  • 03:08: which is the diameter of me We need them 5 pieces If mastic stuck to the most cutting that you cut circles not to leave She circled under a hangnail necessarily need Now clean up this mastic is stuck to surface was completely then smooth the edge off
  • 03:38: of cut circles will sweet and beautiful all circles I posted on mat In order to give Now form I take the stack with the ball and That's how these movements around each circle I attach waviness corrugated, with each I attach a circle on two-thirds of its
  • 04:09: one third of the perimeter I do not touch if you do not here this stack with the ball and Moto each undulation circles can give hands my hands in starch in order not to I stick to it mastic, and now I'm here such movements I pass waviness circle as it thickening the edge and just as I do
  • 04:40: with each lobe after I petals half the battle I have them I leave for a time to dry about somewhere it takes me 10-15 minutes until I make the other petals Then I dry up I will form from rosettes for them each other than roses petals need create more bud in the middle bud I form
  • 05:11: starting from a small diameter lobe of the little lobes bud somewhere must be two tall thirds of this petals you see what his height bud is very just nothing here no complex Kata and ball his little pulled over here is a bud from
  • 05:43: I turned bud just as the petals should a little dry collect their petals strength my already dried They have better holding the form does not bend Here and now I take I form the rose first I take the most small petal the smallest
  • 06:14: Petals I Vodicka carefully a little bit of it I moisten the middle of a now this tab I dress as if to bud and I see that it's so all I spun buds if he completely no matter how I twisted a little mastic tightens and at or can be converted
  • 06:44: Buds that he was less I first petal I impose it here edges on each other that they were closed here in this I turned bud with one petal It is the smallest Petal now I I take the other three small lobe and they also nanoshu bit on some water
  • 07:14: each vodichku nanoshu in that place there where I was not cute shaft Now petals Again, I applied to first leaf bud On the one hand I had pasting blood On the other hand I had I do not put here as well impose a second leaf here and Now I ponemnozhechku them again glued to the
  • 07:45: to bud Now I put the third petal they have each other stick out for the fact that there is water and gently I paste them all petals like this bud and that's not such a full-blown Shanker I already turned a little bud in order to give the petals beautiful shape I am a warrior of you still on
  • 08:16: edges so this so each side leaflet ponemnozhechku war and Now this has turned out at I have a small bud with three four petals the other five petals and accurately and moisten little Vodicka below and start stick my already slightly Rosie finished
  • 08:48: I paste them at the bottom the base of the first sheet I stuck so to this one and his great pitstop edge converged with the middle have adhered sheet that is, I'm here I put it I put and just same as in the first I next row I put the petal to him and gently already
  • 09:18: is adhered to itself to most rosebud and following and paste and the last petal 5 That's how I rosettes
  • 09:52: He twisted taped all people are carrying He wants glued It can be a little bit more moisten with water but this stage forming a rose you need to insert I was a little toothpick and moistened with water and top and a toothpick I insert in the middle
  • 10:24: rosebud That's how you need watch carefully not to floss I got out here well what will ugly watch it is now the pink looking beautiful dissolve and I each roses take petal and forms pretty-pretty flower rosettes so a little at the edges
  • 10:58: arching every leaf I continue like this form each petal rosettes giving it volume and natural curves after forming roses I insert it this piece other foam side and toothpicks and she too spicy fine inserted like this at I quickly these
  • 11:30: rosette to full or until it dries not bear on tour Here is a rosette of I mastic I hope it turned this video is for you was rewarding and you learn something new in manufacture and rose from mastic If you have any any questions ask them to comments under video and be sure all answer raduyte their favorite and such close roses on your cakes I think they will be very surprised and he It is very nice
  • 12:00: get this beautiful cake from you such roses if you like place like this video subscribe to channel not forget share this video social networks to emergency meeting new video