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How to increase the size of a women's jacket up to a breast  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day to you Elena Kolisnichenko continue our lesson today we we continue to cook our wardrobe the winter today we Let us examine the question of how from small items are you a bit tight chest do a little Larger here For example my good friend bought a Now in the last year jacket brand Now another new labels
  • 00:30: all when it is not it was bought absolutely have well yes how I was a year in the amount of her little It has changed little recovered chest jacket was closely but to sell this pile of course not it would be desirable so as good quality Here's even more interesting Such are the cuffs tracking for steeping the fabric absolutely good if sales are Of course the floor as much as only for things
  • 01:01: can give and buy as if a new special It has no means of so that we can do in this case, how to fix the situation in the first I want to say that the way that I suggest you Now you can increase the size but total of 8 centimeters in volume if you say 4 is recovered with 4 another how to define how can
  • 01:33: increase how much he not enough dress jacket front of the mirror Exhibiting since you are not comfortable and buttoning and put viewed mirror so that you would It had good understanding and measures the add on Street center to the beginning of the loop as you are missing here it is the size of
  • 02:03: tax she did not enough 8 centimeters 4 centimeters with each side and more this simple duck initially she wanted shortened slightly because the edge length disproportionately It was and would like to this one, and striped and how to shorten way can we done at the expense of that we have
  • 02:34: opportunity shortened jacket in we appear a piece of the same cloth so I would I I offered to do here are our old gusset which makes our grandmother before old this method but at such rates increasing the size products for breast and really say whether Thank you
  • 03:05: to clearly explain if someone is You do as it will be look without cutting down the well can be some are like a some like that of other tissue is better just rip a seam and throw this slice missing you the forming a lasting and throw in a seam
  • 03:35: show your friends friends toast if you if we do it not imagine how it would be to look like let the people trying on buttoned clasp objectives insert the product as it will be comfortable uncomfortable enough of it enough after you already set all satisfied only then as if to your job was meaning if you have opportunity shorten product
  • 04:05: to take a piece of tissue in my case Jacket long it as if by percent and anally looks and you safely can cut in this piece of the bottom of the I and he did so say from another metal fabric pieces we have measured all can be wonderful so to say the idea embody the life and forgot to say that
  • 04:37: when you inside you test pieces of other cloth necessarily to steam and lining because if you have a piece of debugging same the same length to steam and piece lining for products because today argue with again will keep your design you anything you see, and what is not I liked interesting diet so that's how much not seen here as much as 2 pads Well, most likely it done in order
  • 05:08: to always Poon who plows and lining under at which sew product climbs on front side backing since is his brother buy products and to the Singapore such beads to balls vlazit here and there the lining and But in this very made very interesting huge jacket me I liked it here she is just dense podkladochka which will not allow get out on the floor out products will be enough
  • 05:38: good quality and we almost did not happen We have measured all determined that the work everything will be worth it wonderful after this evaporated your pieces because inserted for fitting unpick everything unpick on the bottom line which is secured with all fully ripped after you have chosen your items
  • 06:09: test you We showed for to measure ironed their passwords down completely from me that this so they I forgot the details of which can be pull and not adjusted for it shortened by 10
  • 06:39: centimeters so after I otporola at bottom I ironed it all ticker that's very said flat bottom ten centimeters value to your further shortening cut off around range scheduled for upper cloth and also lined 10 is the same everywhere centimeters because
  • 07:09: round Get the details on of my second lining that there are too indeed more circular cut off carefully cut off to your lower lining fabric I did not get you an opportunity not to for naught because the handle all checked and circle cut We prune our second
  • 08:01: lining We cut out the part after we cut bottom fabric cut our items are made of cloth two top cut
  • 08:31: parts for the top and lining so vote 2 on the cut tab two parts to our pads on your templates which we use to fitting exactly all and also I want to to say that the details who you are go on forever contour you need to stitch I sat sintepon up cloth and We need to put Control Points 1 control . you will fall
  • 09:04: on the front before it part 2 control point on back treatment gore needed make two ways one way is when you shake one side short centimeters to then to the end wasting parts on the sleeve on the sleeve to line and on the shelf and back, and only then
  • 09:34: the second part or second simplified method when you sew one side last gusset currency then press out a second side and at two reception the first way he It provides more finely connection here these corners do not create a bulge since we have this and then our tight raise a dream that We go upstairs processed way of saying
  • 10:05: that we have oil also still want say that you trim the bottom of your also need to restructure strochechku that he I connected to the bottom and I was still here Such is the detail which is not to tie for I am as when pulled in place and do not forget before that restore all tack where you Knitted fabrics on top of the side
  • 10:35: tack welds on lined also at the bottom where you cut and tie joints with back and sleeves Sleeves with a shelf then I have my 1 suture sleeve sound so I have gore will whole if you hands the soul of course you gore can
  • 11:06: It consists of two cut pieces of center with allowance seams and one part is back on the shelf and the second rear of the sleeve inserted if you hand in 200 more Now let's go to classy combine your control a point on the gusset junction merries shelf with sleeves they accurately shelf
  • 11:36: coincided because if you do not combine these points you have it go distortions articles arguments perekusheny so they just need to match these points on the shelf at the back with the planned but gusset can be directly on the machine can I trained I prefer wound so it was immediately all exactly not alter this and short centimeter
  • 12:13: until the end of a dead your part sew, too
  • 12:43: line of your important start with 1 centimeter from the edge of the details of the case tack and not a centimeter
  • 13:14: and what will I finish point another tack side of your line It must pass through steam dispute this stitching that your password finished goods turn down unbent and gore by goods you see where over your which line I sew Gore's exactly this line do
  • 13:45: tack near here your violinist It began at the end of line tie-making and baste the a piece that you there is less gore combine your stitch on product with the line on the other gusset side exactly even with these side products
  • 14:16: chips fritter see that your This is not a centimeter He was hit by a line unbent it here everything goes smoothly have spread dropped below line that you It was previously with side of the article here Align all here Your line should
  • 14:46: coincide exactly to the top stitching on the gusset so it was like one line here good tack then you will beautiful blood lines summing up to the point of fishing line get better solid line on the other hand exactly
  • 15:16: as the second side gusset honey and its and stitched by accurately also with wasting side of the article also combining line lapel built line on the products so they docked on one level home yeah that's been here label and you it turns out here such Please insert here not if you get it right
  • 15:46: do you have to a plump little corner check how looked when Dress her up no seen this insert even if the lift arms completely naturally but see but due to it products obtained by your size You have to buy new on I finish and bottom
  • 16:18: I will show all just like you he was on tour Pavlova length These wind the 4 centimeter that you It was on the bottom of the product then to methane stitched you start lining blind stitches We learned a great zagreb distance glasses Done Done tack on the side the seams on the sleeves level
  • 16:51: and through the left one seam lining not leave behind lowercase one side gore through it remove the product on the front side as in you have not for lowercase goods It will turn over for one seam line such area overhead noise behind as to the place and how finish your all Good to new
  • 17:23: meeting with you was not this snowflake