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Self-made boat chair. How to make a chair in the boat PVC.

Self-made boat chair. How to make a chair in the boat PVC.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello everyone internet crowded information on how to make an armchair for boats actually it all comes down early just how make an attachment for armchairs but I literally two minute clip will try tell me how you can independently in at home with minimal financial investment make oneself
  • 00:31: armchair Before you set of four elements that are constituent the final product then have directly the chair for boats the first element of the chair this is well-known to everyone swivel adapter plate Usually it is fixed on screws or self-tapping chair which are sold in stores I took and welded 4 bolt second element this is a plywood foundation plywood chair
  • 01:01: base of 8mm ordinary plywood in it four holes for transition rotating plate bolt holes m6 6 millimeters diameter and on both sides has not small chamfering 10 to 10 millimeters this done in order make sure that all bolts and directly hats left in sweat nothing stuck had absolutely horizontal flat surface will be flooded epoxy resin
  • 01:31: will keep guaranteed dead and finally the last two element of our homemade armchair it's made of made of insulation polystyrene foam pressed directly the seat itself is not I know how it's right we will call call you a seat that is tofu yes you will sit down and backrest back us has in advance flowing conventional sandpaper groove so figuratively repetitive contour she will be back
  • 02:02: be placed accordingly here is one side our blanks has already been glued epoxy resin and fiberglass she the principle has already dried up stripped of course, ideally could clear all prepare the surface is better one layer on the back and preferably two or three Layer Strips Cross on the cross along with articulation spa nervous basis
  • 02:32: which will already actually the whole weight accounts for for softness will be removable the pillow she has basis which will be is attached to four holes through hole a it will be attached here such here dowels that fasten the skin in cars on top
  • 03:03: we will have a soft foam chik and its top will close the camouflage shade here we are glued soft sandwich cushions here is 1 layer soft 2 layer basis for four fixing points here four points of the seat the height of a sandwich is two centimeter is corresponds to height
  • 03:33: the fruit is stepping which we asked for loops backboards that is different in our words when this pillow will fall down here she will be in base level loops and when will fold back She will be develop clearly on the pillow will not be here this here's a gap now our the seat cushion that is four fixing points on riveting polyester inside two layers soft stuff here
  • 04:03: look like that pillow do a soft basis for reverse side back of the chair in unlike a pillow which will be on our seat soft backrest base armchairs should be not completely covered material and part will have to stay under a beam fixation now we have glue it's dry on us let's put two of these behold layer of soft material and on as always, we sew it up
  • 04:33: the press is ready soft element reverse side the backs are right here we sit here basic holes with reverse side backs will be fasten folding loops well three holes three pins like this This will fit like this here's our look armchair in the final it is completely collected and tested on seliger i on
  • 05:04: lapping lake of this combat option with recline also backrest is formed here also on there is Pillow it for us for fishing in anchored in case if the backrest is for some reason will interfere go to the installation an armchair on a boat in my I have boat rotan 435 in its turn the boat has
  • 05:36: flooring inflatable floors low pressure nnd the so -called this is her regular bank I drilled into it four holes for rotating element our chair the bank itself does not twisted like this way or such or some other self made a podium to focus on Modification of the onboard banks podium production and as a consequence
  • 06:06: universal module, I will not yet I'll take it off I'll tell a separate video just has everything this first it's a cup holder small electric wiring separate for it fuse respectively conclusions usb connectors there are two and for recharging different electronics and two basic so say a double cigarette lighter here of this design done in this way that its plywood the foundation has provided
  • 06:37: pressure on the nnd and got up at a stretch Between the sides it's us will maximize tight fixation well respectively, if y us on that side of the nose boats with this feed somewhere here the motor we are see that the case of galissa tion or transition waves We are center of gravity the seat will be about here that's enough angle bevel so as not to
  • 07:07: tip over and did not vomit regular the jar from its place boating in advance prepared by hole under our adapter plate swivel armchair easily is established here he stands with the bottom she caught our sheep armchairs here she is looks rotated on 360 degrees is his conventional combat
  • 07:40: position so here we are operate tiller cases in the production anchor if the backrest we are prevented from pouring fish we take out lay out it also has cushion for options use their boats with remote management of outboard I am the engine manufactured a module which is drawn up will buy in the middle and part of this module is a flap construction that
  • 08:10: fastened to cylinders in advance trained places it easy chair at ease rearranged the design has a whole lot beforehand trained holes it necessary in order so that the chair can be was moved like forward and back then there are three main fastening torque for people with different growth Here we easily take our chairs and
  • 08:40: install it example average middle hole more accurately in the middle set of holes here she is with us now in average recruitment holes and we can already manage our boat through comp mod for distance management