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Machine Embroidery the Color Smooth surface with elements of the Broderie anglaise

Machine Embroidery the Color Smooth surface with elements of the Broderie anglaise  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello you hi this for example to I am an expert in machine embroidery and founder vintage workshop annushka and today we will have such a topic as a colored surface tell me please do you think you can whether to combine such techniques as color eyes and deprived I 'll tell you what you can and even it is necessary because that the color of the surface it itself very beautifully and decided too very beautiful
  • 00:31: openwork embroidery but when we have them connect the product acquires a completely different kind from the top of another image embroidery becomes more air and more transformed and that it's me doing it I will clearly show how I I use these two techniques and connecting them I get a wonderful I am now the product for you it's all clearly
  • 01:02: I'll show you here we take the drawing here we have a flower here leaves now I I'll make a line here here you see a double I am still once passed and will do two see here
  • 01:32: slant a little bit because we have mysticism it is necessary to try do haircuts next door
  • 02:02: a little bit one-to-one by number lay yes the surface will be more convex in length try to make them the same three rush not hurrying on the typewriter and it will be much faster than if you will be this embroidery on the ventral
  • 02:32: using a needle here is the leaf is ready for us
  • 03:08: now we will vein inside they do the following a small imitation of a zigzag and here such movements mimicking the zigzag we we process the gum it turns out very much interesting because you you know even nature rarely found on
  • 03:39: Whether you have a leaf or not they are always a little bit curved most attach to the leaves conformable to sew so you see even with help the simplest of knowledge Otherwise it was this
  • 04:09: plain stitch which can attach things too your interesting view this is the simplest embroidery that you can generally learn do a little bit another level higher, however smooth, too, you can learn wrong difficult as it seems at first but at the same time do our stuff is very chic now we we will do the second
  • 04:40: leaf leaf with us It is ready and now we will do connecting part between them for this I made a double line and now I will to embroider things in the roller is made movements on the left right and right to the left, to whom, how more convenient you can embroider on
  • 05:49: usual typewriter on beside the seagull you are so you can use imported cars that are household and industrial slightly more complicated than their need special customize razevat mechanics because there are a lot of answers train engine which has a very its greater speed also need regulate me all
  • 06:19: it was done by a mechanic we will fix no and in order to then if I do this without additional thread she has everything to me crumbles at cutting the edges here we have jyp 4 but will not be done on
  • 06:56: the same principle breasts have been a plus small Scenery now I will go to
  • 07:28: start again We fix literally two stitches so on nobody is fixed tail for strengthening the smooth surface and engaging changes threads iris with such threads
  • 08:02: much more convenient do because our goal is to get around fixing the thread most give more harder, more even the edge of our denticle the principle is the same we do not go round and thanks to this
  • 08:32: thread called is more convex and more beautiful for embroidery decided also applies flags there were also ours
  • 09:02: the goal is to learn it do as much as possible Thinner and elegant when they decided above will look very gorgeously gently and airily we will open and the same
  • 09:44: do now recover pass thereby we give opportunity consolidate the edge of our smooth surface then I will cut it does not glow will retain his The form here we do such a figure w line as you can see
  • 10:14: already finished finished to end bilan imitation eights thereby I close space and make a small Scenery here is not
  • 10:48: office there checks on our denticles mezze Mongoose alone you it call someone to wear as you like green color finished now i I will change the threads I'll show you what will be then I changed color and decided to start with that ostap scribble flower and Our core
  • 11:18: will be like this also we will do small decoration straight lines in this way these as imitation bench presses we make one shorter
  • 11:56: another man and now make out
  • 12:31: the very core here you see circles that now I will process on circle what technique too often embroidery is applied especially very often it is applied in sew or which is being prepared for embroidery machines because we circle like passed 6 he is very often apply such circles they are simply embroidered that is, the needle needs
  • 13:04: introduce him middle and handle the edges left a couple of cases
  • 14:07: ended serial go to the line below our flower outside we will embroider petals smooth I really like she was invited gives the picture vivacity elegant here we also like petals make
  • 14:37: wide but here already guts may be major try to level below on the search do not is worth we can also
  • 15:11: one in any that our welfare should be more convex of course we can still in the process of embroidery chain of of users in places with a slope stitches because if there is such a need here likely stay more on what do you think
  • 15:41: need as you think it is necessary that the tower the drawing looked now i will go let's say as lace part of our to give a little airiness I cut it out to him this is the space and I will fill it irregular mesh height this I tucked white thread since I conceived drawing this way and I will be now embroider white color so she not particularly rushed
  • 16:11: eyes but at the same time gave his let's just say a shade this embroidery reference is made why is it called irregularly because that here there are no clear there are no clear sizes you make since you it turns out in this whole the charm of this mesh workers do not like because she is very easy and profitable very
  • 16:41: great places cut and intended for decided to that is, if you will apply other bradley they will not so watch gently as if it is not regular light in this advantage and say it's done on we fix in different places
  • 17:12: return back imitating the zigzag white flag as we thought It should also be as I spoke and there are no clear one size a party can be little else slightly more new house crisis mechanical I was asked very
  • 17:53: many questions Is it possible to combine what techniques when you decided answer maybe even you need to decide for yourself imagine yourself very beautiful 2 also but you can notice also get very beautiful composition and it will look peculiar not less so combined between these two techniques because it gives
  • 18:26: peculiar kind let us say a twist in this two techniques can combine at filling embroidery on clothes century style here the moment i embroider napkin and then in end I'll show you how applying these techniques combining them with me happened the product is a bit bigger he is called
  • 18:58: countertops because word chair cockroach will lie on the table because she will be a little larger sizes recorded simply and you will see how perfectly combined these two techniques ha ha magazine and air looks like a napkin still very important colored surface combine shades that they harmonized between
  • 19:28: that is, not make very sharp transitions of tone try somehow select more or less small difference you both in cold tones how to go here but this of course if allows your set not the one that you have There may be a be that you just have there is no the possibility of such a subtle combination the question
  • 19:58: somehow approach what get past the end all above the letters here is a reticulum and He completed despite then what is the thread broke easily and consolidate and continue and now I'm still up to full one moment we we can decorate our leaflets also with straight line help from the fire do some means
  • 20:28: eight consecutive moons also easy to go to the second forum fixing the thread and winter phone
  • 21:01: our drawing is ready but that's it.
  • 21:36: your creation now I'll show you already ready image which I got it on you will also see as I combined two color technique dress decided and then what do I have it turned out me pleased with this our countertops it out on I here you see what is beautiful looks colorful the surface was decided and this
  • 22:06: can also apply not only in textiles but also in clothes Here the foothills fought which applied at embroidery colored expanse here
  • 22:36: made a line imitated a zigzag Here it is irregular meshes decided here also you see the color of the surface with simple elements lines are not in the end is obtained finished image fantasy here can be any you can yourself think of yourself that you want as you want to do but that fact what can be combined and
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