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  • 00:00: hello you look sweet program History today I have to cook famous French apple pie Card shoulders than he two of his cake lentyaek why because he is preparing elementary products the most common This apple flour sugar butter and you need to start the egg will prepare minced dough why chopped because butter to be cold his big break pieces and then stirred club and bone and 250
  • 00:30: grams of flour needed will necessarily sift I will make a well that it was not unleavened pinch salt tablespoon of sugar 1 egg yolk pay I note that the test add egg and not it yolk for what to
  • 01:00: the dough was crumbly if you Add the egg to the dough the protein begins draw it and baking dough get very tough and you have it Plays and if you want to She was gentle it is crumbly yolk is baking powder then I taking 150 grams butter cut it here and such large pieces and toss in flour and now need to hand
  • 01:31: will all stir you know when I cook tarte tanto usually have a favor ready puff pastry which I always is the freezer here are some pro packs May 6 packs apples There is always in the garden very convenient and guest comes and unexpectedly say someone wants on you from sweet try a short time I am thinking of going to the kitchen College is not worry puff the dough from the freezer
  • 02:02: take out at once defrost microwave apples and quickly cut into spread form all this watered caramel a little butter oil storage test 1 top and cake in oven literally 3-4 minute, and the cake is ready but the oven baked he had 30 minutes, I you just saying which is very convenient recipe and most that's interesting start at the Mote prepare not only apples you can cook He was admitted to the banana cartoon peaches happy
  • 02:32: anything right now even began to prepare savory cake katana with zucchini from tomato and eggplant's face spread poured necessarily caramel then puff pastry and get a very delicious vegetable pie So you see those already beginning but so far collected have not glued I add the cold ice water, I water I add to the dough gathered in a lump about here a little bit to the dough
  • 03:03: It does not stick to hands a little flour dough It is considered to be implicated ready when she unstuck from the walls dishes and the hands you it does not fly stick too lot of flour did not go add otherwise it will be delayed and it will be very tough and so I remove this dough minutes in a refrigerator 15 20 In the meantime, the dough I'm cool
  • 03:37: I cook some coffee Kabir when I French cooking I'm a little desserts miss france which is enough often there is a simple and for me to travel back to Paris this cup of coffee and hatches this coffee reminds me of Paris morning real France real paris and I continue Now I'll
  • 04:07: apples on this I need a cake about somewhere one kilogram of acid apples, and it is very it is important for the cake because the cake will bake together with caramel candy is sweet apples and sour Now thanks to this sweet and sour in the bush cake obtained just delicious if you do not You have time for me record all
  • 04:38: recipes is not afraid to come Portal home the point ru there you can and to see the program sweet and thorium, course recipes All of our dishes Apples need to be clean from the skin and rid themselves under look spread this way round
  • 05:08: pigtail enough firmly press them in each other at least some thickness obtained apple stuffing a inverted recipe pie dare to attend arose by mistake during cooking Stephanie totem French housewife I prepared it for their guests it I put in the pan apples and put pie in the oven and
  • 05:38: forgetting that The sheet of dough was lying on the table Without thinking, she covered apples test and guests said that This new faces hearing about this cake I came to the well-known restaurant in Paris they put the pace eye check form gardener who and the pattern is not trusted in cakes and its name immortalized the name all apple dishes cake enters the five of the most favorite French desserts make it easy for the figure he is not very dangerous and stored long except I have a pie You can add
  • 06:08: cranberries blueberries or raisins nuts so laid apples you now need to form will be on top they sprinkle zest lemon to add lemon flavor and water scent add the vanilla sugar I always when cooking apple pie add nutmeg walnut and cinnamon and now
  • 06:38: these apples You need to fill hot caramel I I take sugar pan and as soon as it strongly heats up little by little will fall asleep to the sugar like many housewives come take sugar I get enough sleep and pan begin to interfere it is not right because sugar starting from the bottom melt and envelops sugar crystals and you receive lumps
  • 07:08: and then you start prevent and hinder the lumps can burn to this there was no take little by little sugar poured into the pan and wait when it melts as soon as he turn caramel quietly again and again and another, and so step by step you relax sugar caramel but the most important thing Caramel should not boil once it begins to boil it will be immediately bitter and sweet the taste of apples and such way to soak
  • 07:38: this bitter and tart It is unpalatable so watch out for to candy melted but not boiling around somewhere one kilogram of apples we need 5 tablespoons sugar caramel is ready Now hot I pour caramel on top of the apples and I went cinnamon flavor caramel and lemon then we take
  • 08:08: butter and again cut it into Now these pieces cubes of butter I spread butter on top of the apples with caramel what this is done to bake caramel mixed with butter with apple current I get a caramel on the oil syrup and which will stew allowance options are apple and plum butter does not add something then apples you will
  • 08:38: dry and not very delicious French lots of use butter for preparing their desserts and do not be afraid will recover as we apples with caramel ready and I will proceed to stretching dough to the dough not stick to the table well, it will be 100 necessarily podpylyayu flour is getting gentle elastic
  • 09:08: just gorgeous and dough and only flour butter and yolk and so begin I roll the dough Roll out his diameter 26 centimeters and now This is a test I spread on top of the I form the apples tank another very important time when you Put the dough on Apples need to be
  • 09:38: necessarily make here are the piercings to steam out and those who then propechetsya evenly not only from above but also within the Cake I send in the oven preheated cold oven nobody ever anything I did not before do pastries the most important thing is turn the oven on heating up 200 degrees and will bake for 25 minutes well, that cake is ready
  • 10:16: We reach it from oven and of course it is desirable to give stand for 15 to 20 minutes to candy finally I soaked apples I will not want to wait I have to try It turned out in the end so you are looking at taking Cake Stands and like this toppo many more mistresses call it a cake Changeling so we will submit its upside-down
  • 10:47: look and Apples They are soft they soaked caramel cream oil before he bring to the table I usually even his I moisten calvados so good so far Apples still warm not cooled calvados or brandy as a water itself malic vodka usually the art that an bowling ball vanilla ice cream Well the cake is ready, I hope you managed to record recipe necessarily
  • 11:17: but they use I say goodbye to you I'll see exactly week on TV home bye bye