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Barbie a doll also is a lot of Barbie toys in MEGA big pink egg a doll on a board for swimming on water  See details »

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  • 00:00: it's not just an egg this is some kind of mega giant huge testicle, so here I am testicle it's an egg barbie and there fight rabbit yes look what's here drawn and so understands and that that what is there that there is inside yes and see what there is inside the barbie dress accessories Is any
  • 00:31: probably here accessories for swimming for sports for the beauty of some purse it looks like lipstick imagine, come on then here we have to do chic-chik come on here here it is necessary to read you did not tear well we try to eat here still
  • 01:01: slightly have to eat and there we have it all I see there is an interesting box and here I see Egg, here she is. what a huge I think you're there can fit in See this egg with locks straight it's like that sports box yes so the first egg is here
  • 01:32: some locks seals are sealed see this so that no one discovered ahead of time gently handles not we substitute from oak is then the solemn moment come on how is she something opens I'm sad that I'm a locker wow wow that's it surprise
  • 02:03: all such huge toys eggs have not yes yes it was beautiful show me barbie barbie Barbie got everything something she has
  • 02:43: additional Sandals Boots before the glasses it looks like some kind of bracelet and our it's sandals such а what else is there here
  • 03:14: lipstick I do not know now check spectacular will be real to be a lady now check it can be either candy or real or even maybe in general plastic toy open I'm here myself and wow it it looks like real not not to eat scrolling lightly
  • 03:44: here is she you see Gun'ko but tasty you can not eat this just paint your lips pink will you have lips and smells the nickname smells strawberry all close it let's have the wards beautiful very interesting dress and yet I began to make chik-chik
  • 04:18: here's the hold and the top is all please hello hi I'm rolling yours new doll new barbie is not that there is but on the other dresses for a little bit the other is in fashion dress let's just take a look what else is there that color a won account by
  • 04:49: italian in general hardened paint of course they are You can boots children or something else there are still such here Barbie Mermaid Fairy princess still some princess another mermaid still even ponies and we this is before the horse ponies and that is, we have Not open and left
  • 05:20: Here is another dress barbie is a short dress it will be long you see what such as I'm busy experience yes Look still there is for all your gadgets for lipstick here such here handbag you can put there all decorations for barbie besides the fight for longer it will fit for
  • 05:50: you all sorts of jewelry fold well, and there please here all than you you can use everything wear this Barbie bag will be this here's your all there pieces we add I also did not measure my glasses beautiful in basic boots or that this is her shoe pink now such Here is the beauty in this
  • 06:22: cool tutto dress nothing by the way hair tied to the shoulders you can have them get to here they are on gum so that's better excellent war fight girls has already become quite look differently The hair got such magnificent in either the stove and she is now all fashionista can now on the beach hold that know what we can sunbathe
  • 06:54: see me not yet measured the dress you so the shoe was occupied that she did not even notice what a beautiful dress from you see the least not so easy to undress it turns out all interesting original pupa mottle too but the knobs do not bend open a new
  • 07:26: dress of good look what it is there is beauty ns and it's easier to wear it has Velcro only 1 time in my opinion although I'm correct
  • 07:56: do on my back I front trim take pictures beauty with us it turned pink up striped bottom a what are her there are shoes there pink is still such I do not remember yellows you are pink but i think suitable blood above, yes, very suitable rats well
  • 08:27: then what else? orange sandals such approach to There is no nothing orange until not really and what else there are also such here pink sandals come on I think pink sandals are very well suited here these are katyush under the dress will be very beautifully these are me it seems to be very beautifully high all the same to you I like it all the same orange, here I know
  • 09:01: that we have not yet measured here the shoes showed beautiful orange a yet here it is ours and decorations did not dress here now and bracelet here and so yes orange here salad here still some podzhopniki with flowers from our we are in my very beautiful even despite for the same colorful we still have more than that oon box of hooks
  • 09:33: do not cut it just open this is a bathing kit there the boat must be up to the boat sailboat ta yes yes that is will be here to swim a boat
  • 10:03: it 's come on first collect how big she is she it can not fit there See if it's not get here swim vargi well that it does not fit that something else but this sail such a hefty he very big is a huge scoop it up look I'll show you everything now you look like a checkmark
  • 10:33: notarial sail and it's very cool You will have a Barbie interesting clothes what is it and for this there is no new clothes here a swimsuit of some kind and should be a no swimsuit imagine eating boat have a bag then new glasses katja her rose-colored glasses will look and at a barbie now there are two pairs points orange pink glamorous tights with us fashionable and will be a barbie
  • 11:04: one glasses in the afternoon Others in the evening I I think that she fun starts that is, it is unlikely will swim it for fun so bul-bul-boules until vodka, although there is some then here it is like brul even watch it Barbie will stick for the handle is now insert our sail here in the boat it's even not quite a boat it
  • 11:34: for surfing surfboard with sail and more still such a handle and the cop is like this Well, Barbie report bar running undress well, come on because this somehow indecent sit undressed and still can nakleechki on while sticking me on the boat is not on the boat she
  • 12:04: this board 2 press to end beautiful becomes our board is all set left to put on a barbie and forward swim a new bag and where our old barbie there are two bags here is this goes when she in a dress and it's beachfront on the sea all sorts of things to take It should be dressed though which dress store
  • 12:35: me on the beach magnet at least a swimsuit dress on give some dress up and so what will be naked we will swim consider that in this swimsuit extra flesh-color look here for not from podstavochki once or twice and there are handholds for the holder all our barbie floats take a look Yes , this thing and pulling and it's like swims on my ride so that everyone opened
  • 13:06: like it all come on once again I will smell it should taste delicious smell white power bi the wind is falling probably a strong fall all swam the barbie get this for surfboard with the sail is very steep really real even here I am this one wheel see class is that pay all the barbie
  • 13:36: dressed and what are we still we have not measured new glasses here have tried on new glasses all to me even these are better like you like these better or these orange in well, everything dress the orange like this better like you surprise in this face such a huge bye bye