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  • 00:00: women's nature has infinite the power of you infinite power is is expressed in that initially when the universe it created a two sources are consciousness that belongs to the male nature and energy which belongs to
  • 00:35: female nature universe from the absolute, as it were divided into two parts of male and female female and this is the female energy but spread all over the universe is component of all processes it is in each
  • 01:06: woman and in this Its strength is when the woman understands this that if she even is for example at home and her relatives somewhere far from the Don then she invisibly is present in them because that 's her nature of woman bottled in
  • 01:38: space develops its she is inside and in this is its strength, and in this her power and in this her magic and do not need run and do not need persuade anyone do one or the other or third and need just understand she is already inside everything inside
  • 02:08: all and need to enter this state is very subtle condition on it there is in every woman every woman can discover it in yourself and now a question the following when are you you understand when you it feels like you
  • 02:38: are inside Total and you are inside your loved ones above all here already your choice but here is your responsibility as you will be in them will you you are inside of let your relatives go poison or nectar which your choice
  • 03:11: and pour into them happiness or sadness and joy or sorrow. behold phenomenon of praying for press and what are you in them will develop what their the state of because every condition will be run from them certain
  • 03:41: processes that will return to you if you more deeply and Explore this question and if you will see in practice in fact, like this works then you will stunned by the the result of which it brings it understanding this application in your life because strength
  • 04:11: woman is in this it power and at the same time time its danger because everything you do develop around with help women energy returns to you some kind of events which are filled
  • 04:43: it is that energy which you develop a section those are my choices I I hope that this the choice will be in favor of such beautiful states that are inherent and for example the Vedic tradition goddess laksmi goddess prosperity goddess good luck enlightened state of the goddess Saraswati goddess wisdom of beauty
  • 05:14: fine arts of speech goddess parvati or for example state of the Virgin pure sublime spiritualizing supporting then if you will be painted exactly with such paints precisely such energies
  • 05:45: then about your loved ones your friends but also in general in all situation of you will begin to spill nectar divine amrita which will return to you very much Soon the video is very beautiful fruit to be please you and your loved ones was with you Elena Ushankova all
  • 06:17: other trainings on site of Elena Tiroš engla. all of you benefits and great divine wisdom