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  • 00:00: good afternoon we have 23 January I want to make myself knitted slippers and ran to the store clasps can be store from us to buy can be on the market but from This I will go and then I I 'm losing my time two hours shoe insole such here at me they almost insoles new shaggy by this style of com
  • 00:31: cut out of felt new insoles have already I have straightened now I will cut and I will try to tie I'm already impatient start tying now I will prepare I sewed the strings and I'll try Let's see what I have will I cut insoles
  • 01:02: added a little to allowances because I do not want her to be quickly lost was close to paradise tying it added slightly until 05 centimeters such here cut out by the way these are my socks knit from angora it me the remains of flowers parted and threaded I tied and taki long socks of angora
  • 01:32: yarn frames called angora frame think normally it will be now it is necessary to do at the same time I will show socks once started doing things video about knitting yarn angora ram is called on thin Allah petite fluffy nice to the body well thin I see here such socks are long
  • 02:02: by car to me knitting machine attaching called it 5 old only afterwards I will still show video about your knitted things well like that I do not have I get carried away embroidery and video shoot well as it is not it turns out not time I prepared the strings which I will knit
  • 02:32: and cooked the hook here that's all revised from me so many hooks found here is the biggest one such my hook but not I know this how much millimeters other set hooks that were more and stared I was put on dacha and this I have leftovers from the glomeruli remained I knitted my socks and knee socks Here are the ones I knitted
  • 03:02: a golf course for 5 by 5 knitting needles and remained but probably slippers will suffice if not enough for slippers I'll add another one the color is just like this I'm connected with golfers such a pattern is knit it's very simple with removed by a loop in front row shoot
  • 03:33: one loop another color and it turns out this drawing a hinge you can do anything now I will show these the same strings as in I have this thread which I bought same as on golf is a thread wool mixture they are cheap I have them bought in balances in wholesale store for 10 a long time can she two back
  • 04:04: husband and a half there is obtained from packaging remains one glomerulus but they sell them will be valued at 10 This is why I they now will go from me to either socks or now I I want to tie here slippers on felt soles so they Well, they will leave here. at the same time I will show what socks I see here are such socks these socks too
  • 04:34: I am connected from thread residues blouse I have with lurex was associated and there were strings I knitted socks then next socks here such are these socks from ordinary things and yarns they are woolen very warm too I'm here related to
  • 05:07: looped Well here's my socks Poland and here socks these socks too for the evening yarn related manual spinning mostly it's socks to give at home I'm in such as we do not go
  • 05:37: even when we strongly if frosts large happens it's cold outside everything is warm on us and in shoes such as skate I do not know how I do not I walk so warm socks so they go these socks to me only for summer residence what will I try knit slippers all of a sudden I have what will turn out
  • 06:09: on this I am with you not say goodbye drowned show you as I mark out insole and above here below on heel I did center and now on lineage this way the line exactly parallel to the table I superimposed and noting that number of holes I was the same can I see or not I do not know
  • 06:39: but that's how I celebrate evenly parallel jadwigu line from top to bottom and I note it turns out the same number of holes and respectively the same number of loops I'm the has done began piercing for me it was this difficult to give to her husband I'm telling you this by a secret let on is engaged in
  • 07:09: pierces and I I will continue tie up show more embroidery your daddy down I put here that what I embroidered but this already of course off topic but nevertheless this all my hand-made all this, I'm already so tying process I already went I already
  • 07:39: I tie the edge insoles and now on me explosion of doubt will I have enough of these two coil on the slippers do not know mine I'm on the edge not very high I will do well I will do a few strips different colors this is my hand-made corner here on this table I
  • 08:09: I'm doing everything there and then I have computer here untie slippers I am my embroidery postponed to some time tomorrow will continue now I got carried away with slippers now I I tie the second row Here this felt
  • 08:39: soles hook hooked it here from the inside not from above from within so it was more convenient and that I got my hands further tied other color on knit becomes easier so everything looks color camera is not
  • 09:09: transmits accurate colors much brighter now I'll put this here for you pink two colors it not pink like light purple two series and further continue to knit primary color normally it turns out the scar is visible here cut everything is good I . such a
  • 09:47: I tied the edges after set of loops 6 rows of 6 rows here he is my second the same made here these There are few dark threads I have probably stayed Here these light
  • 10:17: will be purple top fasten on I knitted these two hooks the noise pierced we continue so here is more close still I'll show all tied up in all parties
  • 10:52: it turned out exactly These strings are good stout thick so that the form will be good to keep today we Monday the 25th I see these days slippers are normal it turns out to me even they liked threads remain
  • 11:22: literally only on decoration is on a little bit straight droplet will do then decorations but I still have to do the strapping is like this form is even good keeps i like it such straightforward it thread for coarseness some kind of it well shape keeps so from the side I'll show Well, I'll finish this very
  • 11:55: I'll show you later what else do I have will be it turns out like this will look I slipped the slippers everything is fine it turned out to me like learn soft
  • 12:25: convenient and easy and very easy even it took half a day to flower for the first time I did not have enough The little there tails of threads then with the third attempts only related here small curls for Decoration Slippers valentine if you are
  • 12:57: will you watch it video thank you great for Master Class Here I am to you too the same made slippers I liked them I will link more of these slippers I will go for summer residence there I will warm these feet are at home I walk in the hot I will be now did her socks here warm misted up
  • 13:27: not at all until the new meetings 7th