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How to bend a pipe without pipe bender  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: here is a coil we bent without bending tool it means we stainless pipe diameter 20 millimeters per beat we mean here the sand shut down one opening and another hole
  • 00:33: timber such stoppers and hand We bent here on this tube but now own show as my and bent fall asleep sand the trumpet and a good ramming
  • 01:21: fall asleep here such He fine sand sifted the sand after start-up system for this case is great now come to welded pipe here a brace and will pipe clamp one will be clamped
  • 01:52: another will twist 3 will shoot here is our
  • 03:24: We now obtain We will equate here this coil we bent without bending tool is we bent to serpentine hot water that is, a second circuit