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  • 00:00: Hello dear my needlewoman today's video I I want to teach you weave combined ring such that combined on the first ring glance it looks very much and usually just that is, we see a chain of rings that arranged one on the other, and you may seem that weave is very just one hook but when we see
  • 00:30: pletom one hook we weave end to the the point where began ie one shuttle, we We can weave only vicious motive of flower rings Shamrock 4 foresters Plenty forester which the end to the the point where and began to ring located one above the other with us you need 2 shuttle and remember if you see the product in which there is such chain rings you
  • 01:00: exactly need 2 what's the hook feature here on this bracelet you can View all there is one ring half drags one shuttle second half woven ring other hook you you can take a thread different colors can take one thread color this one tie too gossip of combined rings often this element is used in jewelry today I'll show you here such a simple
  • 01:30: combined ringlet I took two threads different colors and white maroon the thread ends for now uzelochki bind you when you weave you can use the way I showed you in a previous learned how beautiful hiding the thread end So we begin to weave ordinary ring sides of filaments let's say in the first
  • 02:00: ring halves have I will have 10 stitches propletaem on on 10 and arrow loops
  • 02:42: Now begins The most interesting to weave the in the opposite side we need a loop turn the ring that's the way turn over and you You can see that now the nodes not directed to the left side and in the grass so we weave currently have no node coup in other words you now it is necessary to recall what are you trying to I remember when I was weaving tatting node
  • 03:13: and begin not to weave Direct site as return without turning simply summing uzelochek to the base weave now the first direct feedback node straight back and direct 3 cereal we
  • 03:46: wicker weave more seven knots you see that we have a
  • 04:27: you got in which two ring woven halves yarns of different colors now we need to tighten the ring simply pulling leading maroon thread Now that we It happened here is elements to continue to weave combined you have to ring simply repeat What we have just learned
  • 04:57: on
  • 06:21: When thou weave combined ring tightening them not very tight but at the same time and not very weakly try to left and right half rings were on this same our lesson is over before
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