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The first days after an incubation of chickens of the house.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello my subscribers channel viewers this video here ended a the first stage of life of chickens incubation now transplanted a pond homemade to us drive something self-victory dimensions brooder and speed cute meter found plywood will fill you made such a fence using
  • 00:32: sawdust can of course be there I do not know there about rags use them It is necessary to wash it and sawdust has typed drinks is possibility of pouring dry always at them important point to be dry then look what what is necessary in order that they are normal did not inhale the tunnel it was warmly turned off
  • 01:03: Here and so put you can buy certainly not now I'll write you can buy a red lamp there this but in principle according to a large account ordinary lamp there 770 75 you can even dozens only moment but that she that they did not break it turns out now still they are so calm nights matte and they now more or less quietly and that's when grow up in
  • 01:33: water to swim somersault run jumping and light bulbs will fly one day does not was simply we omit it in bottles could and they are less then around it turns out itself the iron heats up around they do not do not get together in a heap they have a problem with oregano one if it's cold they begin to stray into a bunch, well, like a bird not very smart and because of this oregano oregano specifically here's a somewhere he missed
  • 02:03: temperature overwritten then the trinity the date will be given in general, but on I already said food we use these behold feeders well such the feeder on mine is still how we say too big before or do not get began to get tired but this is the feeder Here's an ordinary feeder round normally appeared here is a drinker too but that they are not this most
  • 02:33: water there is not drowned deep infrequently though not at I was on the case were like this already grown kurchatov chickens then a month they are already given 4 It was but such healthy a bucket of water and forgot remove the pallas god live and pollen literally now I go to court well shorter than a bird mega smart the time managed to create minimum and dangers you come I think not
  • 03:04: while it will not be their already what day in 3 dates the third day of the brood Well, as the percentage of output chickens turned out well somewhere per cent percent on 80 dates it turned out percent somewhere 15 eggs turned out to be chatterboxes although they looked like then I consider this case that nothing terrible no that's all it turned out the eggs were not super there such
  • 03:34: incubation part from underneath their chickens took a part simply bought like select number of years all the same it turned out and there pieces of 15 eggs chatterboxes maybe more Shorter than percent somewhere around 25 eggs passed away in respect of it turns out well, I I understand because of quality of eggs is not sufficed but but underdeveloped was
  • 04:04: fetus of cums vanish he could not proklyutsyutsya these weak ones chickens from this do not just clicked there's an egg over someone start it it he stopped there it seems to me that for eggs and there they write in mostly begin write a little there heat there is low in the first trimester of the second The show's all but in principle, everyone writes main problem because of egg quality
  • 04:34: if the chicken is not up received what is nutritive vitamins lurks obtained a a few fountains of sleep about 85 percent of 80 normal output for chicks also consider everything is fine now we will raise them and watch them will develop until they sit from a week until will become warmer in though here and Markov swings a then how is this we will be in the barns but for now they will eat all the same in this
  • 05:04: Bruce Dury Bruce Dream OK not everything is cold include and preferably not frighten that they are here the spirit was not friend did not climb principle is all that I I wanted to show you follow their growth with let's see how many these cases shall be if we will I hope that there will not be all subscribe to channel put like write komenty to all of good