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  • 00:00: Hello! People often asked me, how to weave flowers on this necklace. And today I will show it. I made it using Agnieszka's book "Frivolitki" Here is the flower And same snowflake, you could saw it already We need: shuttle, threads and beads (what we string previosly) Starting weave first ring, which contains 6 picot with beads and 6 picot for connection
  • 00:36: Make one knot and move bead in to picot After make one connectional picot, then picot and move bead into picot Connectional picot
  • 01:07: Then beads Empty picot again And picot with beads Empty Then with beads (not empty)
  • 01:38: And the last, beads, and tighten the ring. Start to weave arc On this arc we will have 2 picots with beads Make one knot
  • 02:21: Then picot with bead Again.. Look, we have picot with bead through one knot And then we connect threaded hook
  • 02:54: And connect arc When move 2 beads again and weave the arc again Now we have only arcs And for every knot we are moving bead And again connect to picot, which placed between beads
  • 03:35: And so on.. full row I mean, second row We made second row
  • 04:08: It consist of 2 picots with 2 beads, now we start to weave third row It will have 3 picots Same: for every picot move beads And connecting.. .. how in previous row
  • 04:40: We are finished the arc with three beads And connecting.. the second row And also weave fully the third row The flower have six petals
  • 05:19: i.e. 6 petals with 3 beads So, we making... all next rows (4th row - 4 beads, 5th row -5 beads, etc) In small flower i made 5 rows For bigger flowers 6, 7 and 8 rows
  • 06:00: I made 3rd row: In 1st - one bead, 2nd - 2, 3rd - 3 beads, now begin 4th row Take four beads As equal: one knot, then picot with beads This row will have 4 beads
  • 06:35: Make it for six times Nest row - the fifth. Five beads, begin tatting One knot, and move beads
  • 07:10: For every knot, picot, move bead
  • 07:42: And connect This is 6 petals, last row have 5 beads
  • 08:12: Now 6th row with 6 beads And connect it
  • 09:14: Then make 5 arcs remaining with 6 petals Well, ok, i'm finished the flower ..6th row, then delete excess threads Sew big bead in the middle, as you wish
  • 09:46: And the main question, I have get: "How to sew flowers to necklace?" Oh, don't sew, well, I have sewed it to necklace i.e. you may weave any foundation for your flowers, as you like I come up with this And after just sew the flower
  • 10:19: That's all... Agnieszka in her book give example of new years decor - ball This is very beautiful wreath I reccomend this book You can buy it from Agnieszka herself
  • 10:53: New Year balls I hope, my next video will about it. So, Good Luck in your creavity, best wishes! Good bye.