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Lesson 1. How to fill a thread in a shuttle for a frivolita.  See details »




Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello dear my needlewoman In this video I will teach you how to wind the thread on shuttle If you have a the shuttle as I have with Take his nose so that the tip I looked right if shuttle without spout two identically sides in the matter which way you did povernesh on you We need in this hole Pass the thread that you will work
  • 00:31: tie a strong node if you shuttle with a removable spool then pull it out and has consistently not thread with any method I will tell you a little sekretik before wind worker thread I first binds to shuttle small otrezochek threads for Why do I need it in First I did not accounts vdevat each time a thread in shuttle it seems to me secondly it is convenient It does not help use my worker thread maximum until the end there are times when
  • 01:01: Work is almost completed and just enough a couple of centimeters thread and you can not use the last edge wound on the shuttle so this a small cut and auxiliary yarns helps me Unroll not shuttle maximum until the end, and so we consolidated thread spout we look to the right Now we wind Thread the wrist I myself first I reel subsidiary otrezochek then I attached to him
  • 01:32: working thread I I am doing the usual double node if you want to pruning ends but I do not I'm doing it in do not interfere tighten and continue to to reel thread movement of the hand from winding itself right number of strands a and cut off if I'm going to work one hook or I will have 2 thread another color if you will weave the arc simple arcs of the same color then you can
  • 02:02: the thread is not cut and then the thoughts and will trudge right from coil on this I I finish video See you next lessons