proteinaceous and oil cream for ornament, fillings silt

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  • 00:00: Hello my
  • 00:39: expensive again today I'm with you on Antonina my channel tunnel cake, I'll show you video recipe oil cream but First I would like to a few words to the that there is a very very many recipes many options oil creams but Basically they are divided tattoo grab Italian Swiss meringue Though protein oil cream name too much different meaning in that used oil and any liquid or sweet component of what I you today show it will be proteins and
  • 01:09: this option has too different recipes or proteins brewed syrup whipped fall down syrup or as I today you I'll show proteins warm in a water bath just as there are other oil options creams can be Next time will show if their called cream Charlotte and either German custard Oil cream is cream when used pudding or custard cream as bases with eggs could however starch on milk and this is used as the second
  • 01:40: component to oil or a French option ra cream when taken alone is the only sugar and whipped and add oil or have all known version butter with condensed milk or there is the ocean I will say this More US options are very sweet oil creams is when butter icing sugar sometimes all add to Philadelphia night customer and such here different options lots of
  • 02:10: respectively slightly changing the what you can to him use but Today I'll show you Now this oil Cream is on a I protein and its I use me like them it the universality of the So I can not have stern such as servo girl fret use as a filling for and cakes and can also align cake under mastic absolutely no I can see problems decorate a cake to draw roses all other other elements not only I made it
  • 02:40: Now look for I need cream only three constituting proteins from three large eggs it is around 90 grams what I have now 300 grams of sugar regular sugar and 250 grams of butter room oil temperature that is I have it here now until the syrup fall down It will be very soft Well, I'll start cooked pot which perfect with my hour here this close to the cup
  • 03:11: cover Time to End there will be no water should contact from the bottom of my bowl it have we prepared We will whip on Couple in any case no water fritted therefore it is necessary constantly check when the water starts boil it increases volume and see so that the bottom is not for the become of dishes are very not very clean food residues do not detergent residues means no water nothing net-net-net on this lot It depends very well the separated proteins
  • 03:43: so, too, did not get any piece of fat in them and now in the middle I have a temperature stir in proteins sugar and I need bring it all up the hot state there are more 72 degrees for that unless Salman is possible or other bacteria in I died because that you know him so proteins raw eggs carriers of bacteria although most of it
  • 04:14: yolk because yolk of fat and there We thereby live in proteins is fat but no to really we had a safe food product husband do it now while gradually on this agitation I bring warming my protein's really up hot state and sugar when I wipe between fingers should be dissolved protein mass here syrup and so shall we say becomes more liquid becomes
  • 04:45: such a clear that I I do not know so you can see and now I need it bring to really hot state and check here between Nature's fingers already very hot and there is no It has grains of sugar means the syrup has my ready and can be removed with plates poured hot proteins on maximum I speed mixer beat until almost
  • 05:16: that is, although full I have to room temperature cooling cream Well, so Gudkov cream or foundation I almost ready my cup is already only enough and just toplenkaya Now on as well as the maximum speed I type slices to oil butter she had
  • 05:47: soft enough here is a resilient cream I turned today I am his use for cake decoration Well, as they can be great filled cake on This stage can be Now add here 30 grams of melted
  • 06:17: such as chocolate can be used cocoa can be use all manner of fruit syrup and so if a spoon 2 fruit syrup add here now it is a little Whip will not work then you have a fruit oil cream or chocolate oil cream or you You can also add a little panic