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Children's sviterok a raglan from above with a sprout (the 4th part, final)  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello to you channel about knitting me name is Alina and today latest latest video on my sweater q yellow you that we knitted with the Raglan have advertising lines from top to bottom device tied sprout So I did it dovyazala I have now save him He washed me now still wet still wet thread I lay down all the loops went smoothly awesome very nice to me
  • 00:31: and I really like happy with the result of that is, I really do So let's enjoy I'll tell you what I tied and so I I stopped have already said that I twenty-bound nine rows it's probably somewhere probably here where sleeve Sleeve removed to on the line and it pero lo and Now somewhere in the wine here before the moment I'm out of here but on top of it at the time
  • 01:01: I knit twenty nine series and then I knit and down now it is only it is not all climbs in I have it down yet Knit the 31 series I have a few more I repeated here this risunochek and get me together if Now consider the top and and this is I rezinochki Knit 60 rows then I knit 8 rows gum 2 to 2 and
  • 01:32: on the ninth row I closed rezinochki completely all and loops and Now I hand I tell sleeve turn down I was knitting it around Now show me no seams here no it looks like Do this so worthy looks to me I like it so so beginning knit sleeve
  • 02:02: I completely sleeve He tied it consists of 45 no 4444 series that is, forty-four I knit a number here hence before moment to rezinochki I was knitting and rezinochku 7 series and the eighth row I and closed loops So Bates I every fifth row of the Now there's 5 5 5 here in 3 number three times and took in
  • 02:32: fifth row Then I took her to the ninth row and then Again, I was cleaning at five each in the fifth a number that is 1 2 3 times I I took in the fifth row Then I took her to the ninth row and then again until the fifth row I have not the spokes remaining 36 loops, level become 36 loops I tied and rezinochku closed loops that is, is such a
  • 03:02: I turned beauty very very happy his work at it me why camom mokrenkaya such He is still my not yet dry wet this here is such a I turned beauty very happy here with this drawing I did itself is not that he such a beautiful and I will like what is I said that I do not really cotton make friends He said that it is not I like very much
  • 03:32: It turns out I still like even friends with cotton highly front and back, I simply took the front embroidery without anything and look like loops and went cool sulfur Me I really like happy with the work at all awesome and took how much was spent on this flower in my yarn I took 200 grams of the I've got here such
  • 04:04: thread it to the tunnel one hundred percent cotton here, 105 grams of 50 m Italian here spokes and a hook on four to five with I was knitting a half this holy knobs on 375 and and I am very happy even if I took three and a half I I think it would even tighter and it would be even more interesting to me it seems, and so that's
  • 04:34: finished drawing sviterochek and already I photographed He has put his your instagram yes By the way under me Each video has a reference to instagram and there I the photos that me in what already contacted or fit or something like that then so I have always always under my video a reference to someone instagram interesting to visit and look how I think I said if
  • 05:06: I suddenly forgot something I ask questions answer the novelty of the whole must these are just you can not be justified right on the awesome and straight to the point I do not like myself I expect the truth very like It is such a beautiful beauty I'm right in delight well probably all around
  • 05:39: while it is themselves and Alena until we meet again until till