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  • 00:00: hello everyone call Irina and today we will be with you talk about how memorize new words that have bothered to learn to write these words are somewhere in the remember then phallic leafed over this leaflet is all Down with boring methodology will vividly remember fun and most importantly with its second half today we are with you will involve process of our loved ones our most most the most necessary irresistible and our
  • 00:30: most-most-most people and so if you need you have time words take the second half for example we need to learn parts of my body favorite body theme our theme is fun part of the body and you begin to teach the is easiest remember the words teaching these words not for nothing they said what else are very smart people here if you
  • 01:00: learn yourself remember 70 percent 40 information if you you teach remember 90 percent of information not without reason are you when go out and start tell our report and all and all around I teach because that we ourselves in this the moment is remembered information we take our beloved beautiful body I'm half the same to you now handle will be oris nose mousse
  • 01:45: mouth mouse sponge dad beautiful is also beautiful and beautiful girls who of this and and
  • 02:16: parts of the body that I now you're called we will not be loved people usually What did not you said i will remember well, so remember-remember audi sleeps
  • 02:54: get one more bonus is this interesting to play with your loved ones and expensive to enthrall English too very entertaining a game cherish your body yes send you learn goes 8 words and then say that if you I now call these three words any words if you call us call parts
  • 03:24: then the cheek well, and bonus will be a kiss in a corner and so one of the ways can quickly remember the words trust me people will try really will will try to in order to get another bolt with you was arina shape but if I like my lessons how to sign and you get all my videotapes absolutely free
  • 03:54: because I spread on youtube to Unfortunately vkontakte not always possible see my video because that I am a partner or an oak sorry nd they can always so subscribe to th tube but vkontakte then you can add me to friends add me friends and 2 required I will add yours questions write comments if like this video just put it like I remember so much see that one more thing heart and one more a sign that you I liked my video record with me will be
  • 04:24: many more video recordings and with us there will be headings morning and evening and the release of different countries switch like says advertising and subscribe to my channel