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  • 00:00: once all the expensive today we are masters you will do Here is such a pressure 2 American bow on school theme Thailand either on 1 September or holiday that is such a festive white silver and bow themselves center flower kanzashi that we have for this will be needed again
  • 00:31: she need ribbon rep silver coated saw for Then I took here this here simulation tape under the rhinestones on the basis of Comrade not so different here Here was a piece as the fill so should we our need for the lower parts of these here is the answer points to 12
  • 01:01: centimeters need seredinka strazikami also for the flower we need will form the moment 4 147 centimeter petals thread glue gun and more four centimeters rep ribbon Lower bow and as glue and crystal Tape 1 centimeter
  • 01:31: wide for our with your ears means First we are it will begin Latch for more counters first thing we that it is compatible I made our Saipan rental I 224 and two with half white Leps First we need to you with their
  • 02:02: I solder whether they are the same a second thermally mean length of a segment I have 48 centimeters Now we are
  • 02:32: bend it in half dissent and click once such here bulavochki types in half to us It will be seating and that is we ourselves need to do vosmorochku pressed that trim that was
  • 03:05: the center and bends Fold the page bob to our center Now that language was either in the middle of our give we take in shop all this but we were out of the mouth that to fix there is also our sewing
  • 03:36: take a second let's go to you also order wives. we get here so that's eight Pull out the bottom and you immediately while it turns out that's
  • 04:07: such a vosmerochka continue taking one edge and somewhere here in the middle where you need and 2 code string with needle and all that sew to him I suddenly white thread you can take
  • 04:39: monofilament thread on this bow is not so important too big moves things so as a double share you much not like it slightly pulled us it turns out like this here yet it
  • 05:14: sewn first part of our bow we made you Now we are with you need to do support for our bow before such pick up a bow the same tape that when you approached him all in color not in discord sites bows I took the white tape silver lurex He took the pure white so im edge of success and
  • 05:45: hearts as well He took the silver interpretation is that we have to you have here these and here things took a decorative tape grid all segments I 12 I centimeters I cut them out of the corner that is, the body of 1 statute of the piece Ribbon cut to He showed that there You are doing like this
  • 06:17: ton gap Aubrey pieces have not lived processed lighter Now all we need is to gather for a chance Crystal glue on the ears
  • 07:23: I took this tape 2 to 24 centimeters things and the same I I lie to such a imitation lin traffic is also a field battle edge learning a very
  • 08:00: festive straight better adhesive stalkers first, what we do we learn to put our cats our bow also poseredinke forever and here
  • 08:31: depart slightly from we put our fold glue a small amount of a lot of it is not necessary and Now I'm even out of the corner that is not strong I will just stick Banchik guns were wide and the same I depart slightly crumbs nanoshu glue
  • 09:02: in no way about as he not get cheek just as I am on guard ask poseredinke go ahead and somewhere
  • 09:34: I'm in the middle and more abalone spend that is, I'm not all promazyvat You can miss the mark all night here so here we stuck together with you two of our eye now we need them sew together at our middle glue the same roof
  • 10:08: Tekke so that each against each other the is here so and leave to dry and Now just to sew Knife 2 lower you bolt tape 4 centimeter segments of 20 centimeters these places
  • 11:20: antique us again wind we make a knot so or take hot pistol that took
  • 11:50: parties to do seredinku found first flower I put on the spout a little bit you're cool 2 Latina is not much because here's something that little I walked toward thinking
  • 12:20: This all can You can collect on thread and glue here so here we have the points I turned to him made here is such a small four pat nanoshu glue and center pasting because the tape
  • 12:54: well sit down and be there is we take our with you the middle of a well and Felt so again I did it and glue on the middle of our colors . our items with you ready prepared not daughter and now We begin to sew
  • 13:24: first of all with you existent with our ears our main we must bow make a 200 in the middle here it is the same in
  • 13:56: the reverse side of the the same can be seen and now we take our spamming Now in addition to
  • 14:26: spin ribbon ponytails and poseredinke here all and our panther with you as that you know how he straighten
  • 14:57: something like this but Bank toss turned Now let us take hot gun and sticking replace reading usually how I take press the cigarette lighter Pauline edge and middle nanoshu
  • 15:27: glue tape we need here you close our glue strings nanoshu in the center just this side I watch all 3 and the tail watering and paste
  • 16:03: Now we take our midway inflict glue and example I want to like this midst all of our middle, with
  • 16:33: you ready quiet two remarkable We bow to you Now we have made It left them to sit on the basis we take our zazhimchiki Apply hot glue gun does not and enable greater in the center
  • 17:04: glue on yourself glued our zazhimchiki now I I take the felt button I'm always the one who reinforces ribbons I felt for a while the foundation holds good and no problems cut off my right a piece Of course you can immediately to tape and stick to our
  • 17:38: thus in pasted clip good bow and already can not survive what happened to him that either so here
  • 18:12: neatly back side Receive our bow Here are two such remarkable la bow to you today I received These are the holidays I told you already School bows all thanks for watching put your huskies and subscribe to my write channel all comments where to get the answer material and where that buy Video I'll sign all all sizes all while yet until we meet again