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Potato Rosettes - well, very tasty!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I cook very tasty snack potato rosettes What do I need peeled potatoes olive oil salt thinly sliced ham also fine sliced ​​cheese, grated cheese puff pastry the first thing you need to I cut potatoes I will do it with using a float you
  • 00:30: you can cut ordinary knife but most importantly Potatoes should be very thin here such as a plate chips for you You should turn I got this grater beloved mother-in-law of the
  • 01:00: Russia is intended for Korean carrots but there special nozzle for chips potatoes We prepared today you need to cut the cheese ham ham cut into 4 parts mold release
  • 01:43: oil in, we will not bake roses This cake pan it is very suitable to have been convenient to collect roses my ready puff pastry I can only cut into molds circles pay the dough should focus
  • 02:17: be a little more than itself formochka to get skirting laid tightly to the bottom of the form now there collect just such a rosettes expose cats first layer potatoes you need to press down Cathedral crashed into dough fix it tries to do overlaps the next
  • 02:47: jc layer to son linked together potatoes and plates ham then spread ham and overlap another layer potato followed by light thing the main thing alternate products that the potatoes have
  • 03:17: propoksya So done with each mold ready roses slush prisalivaem
  • 03:53: potatoes we just do not salted because he can give juice sprinkle grated cheese prepared remove into a masterpiece oven preheated 180 degrees baked passed 40 minutes roses potato ready
  • 04:23: is such a most original most importantly delicious potato appetizer I have turned try to cook all pleasant appetite raduyte their loved ones until we meet again until