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"ПАНИ ВАЛЕВСКАЯ" CAKE;  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day my dear good Welcome to my kitchen cook today Cake Pani Walewska Polish cake kitchen and kitchen Search It called gait how to translate do not know so I is cake or cake cake
  • 00:30: each double-sided layer consists of shortcake which the greased sour jam black currant followed by a layer and without top sprinkle with chopped whole almonds beauty cares at the same time as I have said these between the layers 2 are not connected custard cream as a result of Cake turns out very pretty multicolor section interesting to taste and
  • 01:00: texture here and nuts and sweet layer and without acid layer jams and sand cake are you preparing for it pretty easy to quickly and just So here we go for cooking cakes we need 420 grams of flour 250 grams butter 125 6 grams of sugar chicken eggs one and a half teaspoons
  • 01:30: baking powder for test required chopped almonds in I have 100 grams but can be and take 50 grams and 150 general taste about 450 grams jam black currant he should be thick here I a little too thickish it should easily smeared and it should be be sure to sour otherwise the cake will turn out cloying and dining spoon of corn starch and so begin start with its separation
  • 02:04: We need to share on the whites and yolks, and because our cake there is no and we need divide the eggs so Ensures protein I have not got a single gram fat so when separation of the following that the protein is not ranked even the slightest quantity yolk and utensils with which the contact protein must be degreased ie it should be without fat and no trace traces of moisture that is, it must be wash with a good a powerful tool and dry and so we
  • 02:34: there are 6 proteins 6 yolks cake consists two cakes which can be baked separately in different forms or bake one large cake and then cut that's it so I'll do for this I have deep pan Sizes 32 to thirty nine centimeters it lay a paper baking dough for shortcake we need mix flour sugar baking powder for
  • 03:04: test and then here add chopped cold cream rub the oil in all chips and associate this baby with the help of yolks for us to test need 4 egg yolks 2 egg yolks, we use for cooking cream is such a baby turns add here 4 yolk and quickly
  • 03:41: knead the dough the dough will be it is crumbly if after normal you have added to pastry dough egg yolks are not that is, it has gathered remained dry crumbly it can not be blind to a lump that can be further dough add a tablespoon a spoonful of sour cream Now look at me the dough is going to this is quite a lump enough so I do not add anything
  • 04:11: will or as an option if you suddenly do not have sour cream can be in the dough add another or two yolks Now, etc. cooking cream you have to take two eggs and their divided into proteins, the remaining two yolks squirrel day use be another recipe and so scatter crumbs on a baking sheet and forming of her cake can thicken just hands can
  • 04:41: smooth drive up tired as a cup it will be done, I cake put in as a refrigerator for at least 30 minutes see how I remove cake smooth against the refrigerator and while there is time prepare the brew foundation cream since this basis also need to cool us need 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 05:11: 400 milliliters of milk about half whole milk, we add sugar and then the recipe here This milk-sugar mixture should be brought to the boiling but I have just heated to milk formula was Hot and melted sugar deferred add the yolks tablespoon small gorochkoy cornstarch 2 tablespoons also a small
  • 05:41: gorochkoy meal here as add the remaining 200 milliliters of milk So I start rub the yolk with flour honest not very good ideas as well It will be harder get rid of lumps so it is best first add cold milk and then simply all horoshenechko should stir obtain a liquid homogeneous dough without lumps and then if follow the recipe here This milky yolk
  • 06:11: flour mixture need pour a thin stream into the boiling milk sugar and stirring to achieve thickening easier for me cook a little cream differently gradually pour in hot milk mixture sugar and then all this I pour into a beauty pan and trim heating constant stirring, bring to a thickening me so easier and more familiar but you can choose one
  • 06:41: cooking method cream deems more convenient and more the right thing to put on fire and constant please be stirring Our mix up thickened boil need not usually quite heat and get guy will Stir for the cream was not lumps first possible stir lazily here When the mixture becomes stir hot quite intensively as about 1
  • 07:11: may form lumps and we need the cream was smooth and uniform note that I constantly pan as it is lifted split and see cream thickens all Remove from the heat today I'm on your desktop I show him closer Now this has turned thick cream He slips to him
  • 07:42: spoons of natural trace left on reverse side spoon does not drip we shift in a cream glass container Cover with a bowl film plenochku put straight on cream surface that there was no cover leave to cool to room the temperature cake time we We reach it cooled from the refrigerator and pre-pack
  • 08:12: preheated to 180 degrees Celsius oven for 15 minutes subscribe to a layer and we need no Delayed protein 6 sugar and a dining room spoon of corn starch how much to take sugar well if you proteins and weighed and double take I took the sugar rate 350 grams but the average This 6 protein somewhere 300360 grams and so from beating
  • 08:42: proteins begin beating on the most low speed the rotation of the mixer to to proteins filled with air steel air gradually speed rotation mixer increase and without without adding sugar sugar my dear whisk to proteins soft peaks and only then we will gradually add sugar and even passing just wanted to remind as corolla lobes mixer and bowl should be well degreased and be without
  • 09:12: fat and no trace traces of moisture Here is a look rush soft rush can add sugar add sugar small portions gradually and will whisking the whites education stiff peaks and sugar dissolve peak so hard such a peak which does not bend not break he stands clear right as a tin Soldier with a bowl well whipped
  • 09:43: proteins can be calmly and flip them nothing will happen there is not anything thrown out has run out after it is added all the sugar we will be beating proteins even until until we have dissolve but sugar crystals Here of course you need do not overdo it because protein mass can kill so full full chat
  • 10:13: one hundred percent sugar dissolve it is not necessary to achieve but mostly it It must be dissolved in their general mass Here is a look hard peak if rub downed pilot between fingers it should not felt sugar crystals of whipped proteins very gently add tablespoon small gorochkoy cornstarch starch hang about as well as we knead the biscuit Now such not folding
  • 10:43: well and very carefully trying not to plant proteins will starch contribute moisture retention in Pisa and as a result and no, we will not such as the frail French meringue softer and I note in passing that beaten egg whites should ready to be exactly the time when cares for us shortcake as whipped proteins is quite brittle so tender they are easy creation settle and not long are stored
  • 11:13: but if you suddenly Bake the cakes 2 you'll have to split proteins half and each time cook them again but Here is the hard peak and how you can see the capacity of protein, and can be knocked down calmly capsize and nothing with them the cake will have I undercut all he had barely begun too light if the top on him legonechko press finger he has a a finger sags
  • 11:43: It does not settle after how did you get from Oven baked under reduce the cake oven temperature to 160 degrees Celsius at this temperature we furnace egg proteins because if baking them at a high temperature they can settle cake grease with jam Blackcurrant it is theoretically possible use jam any of all berries only to pick it was sour because if it is sweet
  • 12:14: cake will sugary-sweet very sweet and Of course he should be thick but not so thick like me it should be easy smearing and all rest of your request and availability Put the top beaten egg whites neatly they distribute sprinkle with chopped Dahl can certainly take and other nuts I have 100 grams of it such chopped petals very
  • 12:44: thinly you can take 50 grams You can take 150 grams general taste and all this beauty set oven and at 160 degrees Celsius bake another 20 minutes we should bake and without it become tight as the cake is very tasty top turns they are a little nuts are dried roast give cakes completely
  • 13:15: cool by the way can be quite quietly stop here stage do without cream, and as such submit it as pie will also be very very tasty but it will need to complete cooking cream look how It becomes thick brew weight common and flavored with flavor essences almonds but I this time add two tablespoons tablespoons amaretto honestly saying to do so you hate I recommend as Welded mass became thinner
  • 13:46: respectively, became more liquid and cream resulting cake was very problematic cutting and beautiful exactly the taste is not It reflected on in appearance he Of course a lot lost and will need 200 grams soft butter oils and referred to as we always need first well Beat butter oil, and then in whipped cream oil gradually small portions will add an important
  • 14:16: based on the results get a very delicious very gentle cream if the mass of the brew will not be diluted he will rather thick well and hardens Cake will be beautifully cut here so I turned very light cream and stay at my dear all personal assemble cake
  • 14:46: theoretically not difficult you have to cut our the cake in half one half of the grease cream and a second half put but technically the top it is not very convenient to I Now I try not to cut frames for To make it clear as possible with handle it Cut the cake in half if you of course baked one large leather if 2 baked cake
  • 15:16: that such problems do not cake will be cut was cut in half directly from paper to baking we need it completely separate and share with us we have two cakes one cake we we shift in my case on a plate corresponding size lubricates custard first decompose
  • 15:46: all cream on surface and then it neatly distribute evenly layer and further the most unpleasant, we need second cake separated of paper for baking and put I'm usually on top of this The problem is solved here in this way rip the paper and by halves and and but remove I previously I pulled on the cake
  • 16:16: tablet corresponding size that is, here we are now the cake is on the board and then we spatula as if it Faced with tablets and laid on top if there's cake crack nothing wrong with that Well actually all all this splendor trimming and ship in refrigerator for 2-3 hours We should Cream
  • 16:47: fully harden and cake can then and will cut feeding and so are my Our dear Mrs. Cake Valevskaya ready and I left traditional Pryatnogo prepare tea hope that You will please thank you that were with me, and watched videos and all of you good